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School of skin care. Learn the needs of your skin!

Are you aware of the needs of your facial skin? Even though the skin signals that it lacks moisture or sun protection, we rarely read the signs. The time has come to catch up and learn the skin’s needs. Then, you can pass the skin care exam with flying colors! A moisturizer or a face-lift […]

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Handmade cosmetics – which products to try?

There are many different products available in drugstores but their composition and effects leave a lot to be desired. Many women have already learned how to read the list of ingredients, including the INCI names, so they always check the composition before buying a product. Today, we prefer to use homemade care products – they […]


These Mighty Herbs! Herbal Cosmetics: Natural Body and Hair Care

It’s been long known that the best skin and hair care products are the ones originated from Mother Nature. Fruit, vegetables and minerals supply our organism with a massive dose of vitamins. Similar action is delivered by herbs that more and more frequently become the most desired ingredients used for cosmetic production. What is their […]