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Coat yourself with coconut fragrance – coconut oil cosmetic properties

Natural care cult is a conscious choice for skin and hair care. It is the perfect solution when you expect optimal and long-lasting effects which are to be ensured by the inconspicuous coconut oil. What are its properties?

Most information on coconut oil that is available on the Internet is just reproducing the myths. It is important to systematise all that you should know about this component if you intend on using it as a cosmetic. Is coconut oil healthy for you? When it comes to its cosmetic properties, it is. The only contradiction as to use of coconut oil as a cosmetic (or as an ingredient) is an allergy, for example, the nut allergy. Apart from this exception, it is a substance that can be considered revolutionary and natural cosmetic for all allergy-prone people.

How does coconut oil work?

Coconut oil is a cosmetic holding versatile properties. It can replace hair conditioner, body balm, even face cream. How does it work on skin? What is the impact on hair? It is necessary to know coconut oil properties before you decide on introducing it to your everyday care.

1. Use of coconut oil on the skin is recommended especially when you deal with acne or when you need something that can sooth irritations, e.g. post sunbathe. It is oil capable to penetrate deep skin layers and nourish it. What is more, it creates an invisible protective layer that prevents moisture loss. Coconut oil calms irritations and makes skin smooth.

2. Not all hair types like coconut oil. It is component that will work way better on low porosity hair, which happens to be less damaged and that will be protected against the sun, heat and toxins. It prevents water-loss, softens and prevents split ends. Coconut oil is suitable for use on the scalp to sooth irritations, nourish hair bulbs, minimise dandruff and prevent hair loss.

Coconut oil — motherlode of valuable ingredients

All of these coconut oil properties are the result of its composition. The inconspicuous coconut butter holds highly valuable Lauric acid that provides its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. This oil contains advantage of saturated fatty acids but there is plenty of other essential nourishing ingredients. High-quality coconut oil consists of vitamins B, vitamin E and several minerals, like zinc, magnesium and phosphorus.

Does coconut oil smell like coconuts? When choosing coconut oil you should pay attention to the quality and country of origin. The less processed oil the more nourishing components. Cold-pressed and unrefined coconut oil from trusted cultivation can be identified by its intense coconut fragrance and buttery texture. It is the very oil best for the care.

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