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False eyelash application? Take matters into your own hands.

False eyelash application - Take matters into your own hands

What kind of eyelashes would you like to have? Thick, long, shiny, resilient, curled, lifted up at the perfect angle? All women dream of having black and thick eyelashes. However, not many of them know how to achieve such look. It is said that applying false eyelashes is a good solution. Read the article...


Chapped lips? No worries, we have EOS.


Frost, snow, and wind are the worst things that could happen to your lips. Under the influence of low temperatures lips become dry, flaky, red, cracked and hurt. Fortunately, there is a cosmetic that can deal with all the inconveniences brought by winter weather, and your lips will regain their beautiful...

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Home manicure: 5 things you do wrong!


Despite the great popularity of hybrid, titanium or gel manicure, many women still like relaxing at home applying an enamel on their nails. If you’re also the person who doesn’t make appointments to a beautician to get the nails done, check whether you paint the fingernails right. We’re...

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Are you sure that you know how to wash hands?


Reportedly hands are the habitat of bacteria. They are under nails, in crease of skin and near cuticles. Do you know that each square centimetre of your skin carries more or less 5 million of bacteria? By resigning from hand washing before eating, you deliver germs to your organism that can cause diseases...

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How to choose and apply highlighter?


Highlighter is one of those cosmetics, each of us should have in her cosmetic bag. Thank to it make-up will be natural and full of radiant gloss. By skilfully applying highlighter you can contour face to make it more beautiful. Read below how you should choose and apply this product. No highlighter no...

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DIY facial skin toner that really works. 


Toner is a kind of a cosmetic that every women should have in her make-up bag. It is a reliable product with versatile properties. Used in the morning – refreshes and energises skin. Used in the evening – helps with cleansing your complexion. Nevertheless, nothing works as good as a homemade...


Plump, raspberry or maybe rose? We’re choosing autumn lipsticks.


If it wasn’t for it, fast makeover of our appearance wouldn’t be possible. Just one motion is enough to help our face win a completely new look. This item is even able to improve our mood in the twinkling of an eye. And not just one, because there are a few of them. All in various versions and...

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Gorgeous hair? Only with Nanoil Hair Oil

Nanoil natural hair oil

Do you have problem with styling hair, that will not want to curl? You try unsuccessfully defeat frizzing? You lose hair excessively, or perhaps your scalp suffers from dandruff? You try to protect ends against splitting? Then after hundreds of failed treatments you decide to cut your hair. Wait! Meet...