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Skin Care Tips


Skin care should be not a choice but a must. Learn how to take care of your skin so it can glow. Cleansing Nothing feels more refreshing than a splashing water to the face in the morning. Use gentle skin cleanser to remove oil and any residue. Distribute the product on your face, use silicone brush to...

Face, Tips & Tricks

How to take the perfect selfie


Tip #1 Find the best light It seems that there is nothing worse than a shadow cast on your face. What you need to into consideration is the sun position (if you are outdoors). When the Sun is in its highest position, avoid taking the pictures from above your head as you may get dark bags under your eyes...

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Best Beauty Products from Bourjois


How did Bourjois come to life? It all happened in 1963 when Alexandre Bourjois invented the world’s first powder blush. Since then this beauty company is known for its little pot blush. It was first designed for theatre actors who were putting a thick layer of greasy makeup, which did not look,...

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2000 Calorie on your eyelashes


Extra callorie on your eyelashes? Nothing simpler. The 2000 calorie by Max Factor is now recognised all over the world. It was first introduced a few years ago and since then has been one of the bestselling mascara in Europe. The product has a traditional black packaging of 9ml. The great feature of...

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How to hypnotize with Lancome eyelashes


Are you dreaming of long, thick, Hollywood style eyelashes? Lancôme can make your wish come true. Thanks to ‘The Hypnose’ mascara, your lashes can be extremely thickened and longer. Lancôme claims that it increases lash volume up to 6 times. To achieve this spectacular effect, the formula of the...

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Big Eyes from Maybelline


Hi Girls, You know that I am crazy about long, curly lashes. I love when mine give me an illusion of being fake. That’s why I was faithful to my ‘Colossal Volume Express’. When I found this mascara, I just stopped looking elsewhere. Many of you said that Maybelline has another great...

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What did lash extensions do to my lashes?


Every girl would love to have long lashes. Since I remember, I was a big sucker for make-up with the special focus on eyes. I was trying numerous eye shadows and mascaras. I probably had every mascara that was out. When a couple of years ago false lases become popular I was the one who would spend days...


Lash Extensions Warning

grunge warning stamp

I was not sure whether I should do this review but I thought that it may be helpful for those who hesitate between a good lash serum or lash extensions. I will tell you that I do not have a good experience with semi-permanent false lashes and I hope that my story may be some kind of a warning. As everybody...

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Autumn 2014 Eyeshadow Must-Have!


Magnetic Color Shadow Quad Pallet is the new Gucci product that so far can be bought only online in the Western Union. The product comes in a black matte cartoon with the golden GUCCI letters engraved on it. Inside the carton, we can find a velvet pouch in which there is finally the Gucci black pallet....