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Ways to Get Beautiful Eyelashes. How to Care for Them?

Our eyelashes deserve the best we can give them. Thanks to these tiny hairs, we can amaze with a beautiful look and defined, flawless makeup. Do you know anything about the right lash care routine? There are lots of ways to bring the vitality of lashes back. There are as many factors which weaken the […]


Longer lashes with a serum – is it possible?

Each of you has probably already heard about an eyelash serum – a cosmetic that conquers the hearts of many women. It is significant that the eyelash serum becomes almost as iconic as the mascara – it is mentioned right after it, as one of the most essential beautifying cosmetics. The effects of a good eyelash serum cannot […]

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How to Get Longer Lashes Naturally? Try 3 Trusted Methods

Many girls dream of long and thick lashes, but they often need to put a lot of effort to get the look. Don’t worry, though. With our three simple remedies you’ll make your eyelashes twice as long, thick and strong very fast. It turns out it’s possible without fake extensions. To get the best results, […]


Dream-like lashes. Lash serums RANKING

Dream-like lashes. Lash serums RANKINGBeautiful lashes must be healthy. A good eyelash serum will help you achieve this goal. Your breathtaking lashes are at your fingertips! Simply select the right product and start acting. How to choose an eyelash serum? If you don’t really know your way around eyelash serums, all is not lost! We […]

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Eyelash perm. How to get it done the right way?

Eyelash perm is a cosmetics procedure that focuses on lifting up eyelashes. What is the procedure like and how to get it done the right way? What are the contraindications to undergoing it and possible side effects? What is eyelash perm about? Eyelash perm and hair perm share the same aim – to curl hair. […]

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Nanolash eyelash conditioner – the secret of charming eyes

All women want to have a striking look. For that reason, they spend a fortune on loads of mascaras, eye-shadows, anti-wrinkle creams, the application of the false eyelashes and other beauty treatments. But is it worth the money and trying? If one likes it, why not. Nevertheless, let us think about, what our eyes really […]


Flirtatiously beautiful eyelashes with Lashcode mascara

beautiful eyelashes with Lashcode mascara

Lashcode is the foolproof mascara Its secret lies in the perfect combination of care substances and ultra-black pigments thanks to which it’s finally possible to build the maximal length, volume and separate each eyelash precisely in a fast and easy way. As a consequence, the effect obtained equals stunningly long and thick eyelashes as well as enhanced eyelash density […]

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Mascara and eyeliner in one!!!

I don’t know how did it happen but I couldn’t squeeze anything more into my beauty bag! There was too much staff in it and I decided to do a massive clear out. I had many products that I was no longer using but I had this emotional attachment to them. A week ago, I […]

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What is Lash Extensions Treatment and the Potential Risk

To better understand how eyelash extensions work, let’s take a look at your natural lashes. Every day you are losing 1 to 5 lashes through natural shedding of your lashes. Lashes are just like hair; they are constantly going and constantly shedding. Some are long and mature, other fine and short called ‘baby lashes’ and […]


Lash Extensions Warning

I was not sure whether I should do this review but I thought that it may be helpful for those who hesitate between a good lash serum or lash extensions. I will tell you that I do not have a good experience with semi-permanent false lashes and I hope that my story may be some […]