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Meet The Mascaras That Won’t Let You Down! TOP 4 Ranking

Mascara has always been one of the most important makeup products for everyday use. There is no denying that it allows you to highlight your eyelashes which provide the most beautiful frame for your eyes. At the same time, some mascaras do not fulfill their role effectively, plus they can also negatively impact the condition of the lashes. However, several mascaras can ensure the expected results. It’s time to get to know them better!

best mascara ranking

Why is it difficult to choose a mascara?

Women certainly know that buying mascara may be one of the biggest challenges they will face. Why? Well, this is due to the multitude of products, as well as some marketing tricks used by manufacturers.

Some products are advertised by celebrities and this, in turn, makes you have an immediate positive opinion of them. However, these beliefs are often not reflected in reality. Women have learned more than once that not every mascara advertised by Kim Kardashian is actually effective.

This is why choosing the perfect mascara often proves to be quite challenging. However, women can now breathe a sigh of relief. Here is a ranking of four products that can actually be considered an innovation in the world of mascaras. It’s time to get to know them better!

Ranking 4 mascaras worth knowing!

The ranking of mascaras that deserve to be called the best was created to help every woman make the right decision. It is worth remembering that mascara is a product that can effectively impact the overall look and change your perception of daily makeup.

So let’s get to know the mascaras worth investing in!

1. Nanolash mascara

nanolash the best mascara

The first place always goes to the best product. In this case, it’s the Nanolash mascara that deserves it. This product has received an extremely optimistic reception from women which is not surprising.

The Nanolash mascara is a product that can confidently be called excellent. The velvety texture and several botanical oils gently condition the lashes during the application. In addition, the durability of the product is also noteworthy here. The Nanolash mascara does not flake or crumble even after an extremely long day or a big night out. It also does not tend to smudge.

An additional advantage of this product is the variety of choices it provides. Women can choose between two versions of the mascara:

Both versions are equipped with brilliantly shaped brushes, made of silicone. With their help, it is possible to reach the short lashes in the corners of the eyes, as well as to separate and comb them precisely.

2. Lashcode Mascara

best long lasting mascara nanolash

Another noteworthy product is Lashcode Mascara. This mascara has both lengthening and thickening properties to ensure you get the optimal results from the first application which is a huge advantage of this product.

The Lashcode Mascara is also a long-wear product. It doesn’t flake or crumble during a full day of wear. The mascara also shows great moisture resistance and does not smudge on rainy days. As for the brush, its design ensures it does not cause problems when applying the mascara.

3. Rimmel Lash Accelerator

Another mascara that deserved a place in the ranking is Rimmel Lash Accelerator. This mascara is a fairly popular drugstore product that also performs quite well. As for the brush, it is quite well-shaped. Women shouldn’t have much trouble reaching the short lashes without making their eyelids dirty.

Unfortunately, durability is a rather big drawback of the Rimmel Lash Accelerator. The women who have used this product point out that quite soon after the application, the mascara began to flake and crumble. This mascara also does not do well in contact with high temperatures and humidity.

4. Lancome Mascara Hypnose Doll Eyes

Lancome Mascara Hypnose Doll Eyes is a mascara that in theory is supposed to ensure salon-like results. The eyelashes are supposed to look long, thick, and beautifully curled. In practice, however, this effect is achievable only after applying two coats of the product. Since it dries quite quickly, you should not have much of a problem with this though.

Unfortunately, both the brush and the durability of the product are highly questionable here. Although the brush is tapered, the bristles are quite widely spaced. This, in turn, means that when applying the product, it can clump the lashes together. As for the durability, there are also some reservations here. The mascara is said to get crumbly and flaky just a few hours after application.

Every woman can choose the best mascara for herself. However, the ranking above can prove extremely helpful! So it’s worth checking it out!

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