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Men’s brow shaping. Expert’s tips

Is men’s self-care still a controversial subject? Many of them don’t want to admit that they’d like to change something in their appearance. They find it unmanly which is why man care is considered taboo. However, this is slowly changing. We see more and more beauty products dedicated to men on the drugstores’ shelves. Not many gentlemen are willing to visit a beauty salon, unfortunately. For those who wish to care for their messy brows without the help of a specialist, we prepared a guide “Men’s brow shaping”, created with the help of John Zielinsky, a Brow Artist and a makeup specialist.

“Men’s brow shaping is not a taboo subject anymore. Everyone wants to feel attractive and neat. Men, who come to me, have never cared for their eyebrows before”.

Men’s eyebrows are characterized by thick, long hairs which are difficult to style. Bushy brows subtract elegance and seriousness from the face. It’s worth knowing how to create a natural look that enhances manly beauty, sharpens facial features and gives the face symmetry – with no exaggerated effect.

“I’m so happy there is a growing awareness among men to take care of themselves. Eyebrow shaping is one of those things that affects their self-esteem and sense of attractiveness.”

How to shape eyebrows at home?

Men’s brow shaping is actually very easy. The most important thing is to keep everything in moderation and precision so the end result looks natural. If you’re a beginner, follow these 5 simple rules.

Prepare a spiral brush or a brow comb, precision tweezers and small scissors.

  1. Using a brush, comb your eyebrow hairs with the direction of your hair growth. Focus on the way your hairs naturally grow and the shape that you want to create.
  2. When you have a specific picture in your mind, brush your eyebrows upwards. Trim the sticking-out hairs using your scissors.
  3. Use tweezers to remove unnecessary hairs growing between your eyebrows, above them and on the bridge of your nose. Then, focusing on the eyebrow arch area, pluck all hairs that grow too low beneath them. Create a natural transition without plucking actual eyebrows.
  4. Pay attention so you don’t overpluck the fronts of your brows as thick can lead to an unnatural look.
  5. Look at your face from an angle and check if they don’t stick out too much. Trim them with a pair of scissors.

To care for your eyebrows on an everyday basis, you’re going to need a spiral brush or a comb. All you need to do is comb your eyebrows after your morning routine and give them the desired shape.

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