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Evening Facial Skin Care Ritual

An evening skin care routine is extremely important because the skin regenerates best at night. That is why going to sleep with full make-up on has an awful influence on your face skin. To keep the skin healthy the longest possible, some rules must be followed. What should your evening facial skin care...


Common dandelion and its application in cosmetics

Common dandelion is a plant growing in the moderate climate region. It isn’t only used for medical purposes but also for hair and body care because it’s able to lighten discolorations up, is fairly helpful in treating acne and combating dandruff. What are other uses of common dandelion in...


Green clay – types, properties and use

The green clay has antibacterial properties, which is why it will work in the care of problematic skin. Face masks on its base mattify and smooth the skin, they have antiseptic properties and prevent the appearance of imperfections. What properties, composition, and application does the green clay have?...


Recipes for masks based on gelatin

A gelatin-based mask is an easy an inexpensive way to gain a smooth and radiant complexion in just half an hour. A gelatin face mask cleanses pores, strengthens blood vessels and firms the skin thanks to the vitamin and collagen content. The latter positively affect the appearance and elasticity of the...


The secrets of a Beauty Blender. How to use it?

Until recently, a good-quality makeup brush was enough to create a nice makeup. Nowadays, a traditional flat-top brush is being replaced with a makeup sponge. Of course, the most popular one is the Beauty Blender. Do you know how to use it properly? The originator of using a simple egg-shaped sponge...