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Semi-permanent lip make-up – what is it and what are the effects?

Narrow, asymmetrical or maybe too light? If you are not happy with the appearance of your lips, then you should try semi-permanent lip make-up. Check what it is and what effects you can expect. What is semi-permanent lip make-up? Semi-permanent lip make-up is a treatment that involves filling the lips with colour matching the natural […]


Chapped lips? No worries, we have EOS

Frost, snow, and wind are the worst things that could happen to your lips. Under the influence of low temperatures lips become dry, flaky, red, cracked and hurt. Fortunately, there is a cosmetic that can deal with all the inconveniences brought by winter weather, and your lips will regain their beautiful appearance. This cosmetic is of […]


Plump, raspberry or maybe rose? We’re choosing autumn lipsticks

If it wasn’t for it, fast makeover of our appearance wouldn’t be possible. Just one motion is enough to help our face win a completely new look. This item is even able to improve our mood in the twinkling of an eye. And not just one, because there are a few of them. All in […]

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Matte lips from NYX

Finding a good shimmery lipstick does not cause many problems. It may get more difficult if you would like to have a matte finish on your pout. Product so widely advertised often turn out to be another dud that dehydrates lips and fades after an hour. The NYX lipstick Soft Matte Lip Creme is unlike […]


How NOT to perform lip make-up?

Lipstick, lip gloss, or perhaps colourful chapstick? What is your favourite cosmetic for lip make-up? No matter, which one you choose, you should start with becoming acquainted with the rules concerning lip make-up. Try them all and your make-up will delight everyone. Firstly: lip gloss is passé This season is all about matte lips or […]


Powder Lipstick – Lip Powder by RiRe

We all know eye shadows and other loose cosmetics pretty well. But, have you ever used lipstick powder? If not, then you may just have the opportunity. Korean brand, RiRe, has created such product. See for yourself, what effect provides Lip Powder. There are four shades Lip Powder lipstick offers, these are: Orange Pop, Hot […]