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10 reasons why you are going to love vitamin C serum

You haven’t tried it yet? It’s time to catch up! Vitamin C belongs to the best skin-enhancing substances ever discovered! It was forgotten for a while when the cosmetic industry got fascinated by hot-new ingredients like snail slime or snake venom. Still, nothing is going to replace vitamin C in daily care. This ingredient doesn’t just give an immediate effect of brightened, illuminated and rested skin. Used on a regular basis, it does away with main skin problems. Check what a fine vitamin C serum is capable of!

Why a fine-quality vitamin C serum makes a very good pick?

1. Vitamin C is a very strong antioxidant

Oxidative stress is a deadly enemy of both your health and the skin. Reactive forms of oxygen attack skin cells causing unfavorable changes in skin structures. Vitamin C prevents the process by stimulating cells to repair and not allowing for oxidation.

2. Vitamin C brightens pigmentation (incl. post-sun) spots

The sun, or to be more precise, the harmful radiation comes second as a skin-damaging factor.  It’s dangerous since it irreversibly destroys cells and even causes cancer.

3. Vitamin C evens out skin tone by making it lighter

Vitamin C is a master of camouflage. It’s like a natural concealer, works better than many makeup primers because it permanently improves skin tone, its appearance and condition when used regularly.

4. Vitamin C illuminates, making skin look fresh and well-groomed, removes signs of fatigue

Sleepless nights, stress, working until late, not getting enough sleep – all this is reflected by the appearance of the skin which looks sallow and lifeless. Vitamin C is like an energy injection, having a better effect than highlighters since it gives natural radiance and rested look.

5. Vitamin C repairs and secures skin

Blemishes, post-acne marks and other facial “inconveniences” (e.g. extremely dry or irritated skin): this is another field that vitamin C is specialized in. Not only does it heal but also regenerates and protects against further damage.

6. Vitamin C reduces acne and eliminates post-acne scars

Acne doesn’t affect only teenagers these days. More and more adults complain about pimples which are often bumpy and painful. Vitamin C is surely helpful when fighting all forms of acne. Regular use of a high-quality serum with vitamin C lets you get rid of blemishes and prevent new ones.

7. Vitamin C smoothes wrinkles, revitalizes, boosts elasticity by stimulating synthesis of collagen

This vitamin is an anti-wrinkle expert and that’s what we love it for the most. It smoothes wrinkles and noticeably boosts resilience, which can be observed after just a few weeks. The face looks rested whereas creases and expression lines are smoother. The “quality” of the skin gets a striking boost.

8. Vitamin C activates vitamin E which rejuvenates skin

It’s a common knowledge that vitamin E is defined as a vitamin of youth yet few of you know you can intensify its effect by combining it with vitamin C. This vitamin cocktail makes skin firm, resilient and rested-looking long.

9. Vitamin C strengthens blood vessels

And that’s what makes it one of the best ingredients for couperose skin. Vitamin C reinforces and seals fragile walls of blood vessels and gradually improves condition and look of the skin. It’s a common ingredient in fine serums designed for couperose skin.

10. Vitamin C is a natural sunscreen

You can use it throughout the year because it isn’t light-sensitive , plus it enhances the action of sunblock, securing the skin against sunburn and dangerous UVA/UVB radiation.

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