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24h Makeup – What is permanent brows makeup?

Permanent brows makeup allows you to cut everyday routine short because then you do not have to worry about a morning makeup and an evening makeup removal. What are other qualities of the permanent brows makeup? How’s this treatment done and are there any contradictions?

Permanent brows makeup – the pros

Apart from time-saving, permanent brows makeup results with long-lasting effects and the possibility to camouflage any asymmetry to the eyebrows. Permanent brows makeup is also a great chance for the women who lost their eyebrows due to chemotherapy.

Permanent brows makeup – the cons

The durability is not the same for each treatment. The decisive factor is a skin type as permanent eyebrows will last the longest on the dry skin and the shortest on the oily skin. Moreover, the effects are not always satisfactory. It happens that when the beautician is inexperienced, she may make her client’s expression seem unnatural and the pigment to gain surprising color, such as orange or blue. What is more, the treatment is not very enjoyable and may cause pain.

Permanent brows makeup – the methods

You can choose out of a few methods when you decide on permanent brows makeup:

  • hair strokes,
  • powder brows (soft powder brows or ombre powder brows),
  • bold combo or soft combo.

How does permanent makeup is done?

In order to answer this question, you need to know the details for each treatment method.

The hair stroke method provides a natural effect and is recommended for women with thin and uneven brows. The permanent eyebrow makeup is a technique performed with a so-called super-fine pen, which is a tool administering the pigment under the skin.

The powdered look ensures the definition and makes eyebrows appear thick. Permanent eyebrows makeup with this method is made with a disposable needle that injects pigment under the skin. There are two variants to this method. First is soft powder brows with natural effect and it is recommended for young women with full yet fair brows. On the other hand, ombre powder brows is a term used for eyebrows styled in a way straight from the fashion show.

The hair stroke and powder brows can be combined as a soft combo or bold combo. Soft combo is a permanent makeup performed with the hair stroke method and only gently finished with the powdered look, while the bold combo assumes that the hair stroke and the powder method are complementing each other.

Permanent brows makeup – the contradictions

It is advised against the treatment for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, have diabetes, psoriasis, hemophilia or undergo therapy with steroids.

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