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8 ways for pampering oily skin

Oily skin is very demanding when it comes to taking care of it. It frequently features acne, blackheads and many other skin imperfections. Although it ages really slowly, it attracts bacteria that can cause serious dermatological problems. Therefore, if oily skin happens to be troublesome for you, learn 8 effective oily skin care techniques.

troublesome-oily-skin.jpg1. Keep your face clean

It must be realized that oily skin has to be kept clean constantly. Don’t touch it with your dirty hands (basically, don’t touch it at all) because you can transport bacteria, reopen inflammations and encourage new pimples to appear. However, if you really must touch the skin, remember to wash your hands first. You can use antiseptic gel or antiseptic wipes. It’s also important not to pop the zits nor scratch off the scabs. Why? If you do this, soon you will notice more and more discolorations blemishing your face. Keeping your face skin clean is also connected with keeping your surrounding clean too. Change bedclothes and towels every week, often clean your smartphone screen (after all it’s in contact with your face while you talk on it) and use paper towels to dry your face.

2. Moisturisation

Even oily skin needs to be replenished with water. Thanks to this procedure you will regulate work of your sebaceous glands and prevent this uncontrolled face shine. In order to moisturise your oily skin, you should go for light oily-free cosmetics. In general, moisturising creams display more properties than just hydrating. They can light skin up, smooth it and nourish. The best outcomes are delivered by cosmetics that belong to one series.

3. Regular exfoliation

It’s is a truly essential element of proper oily skin care. Thanks to removing dead epidermis cells you will make your skin more supple, you will reduce visibility of wrinkles and lighten up discolorations. To carry out the procedure, reach for fine-grain peelings that don’t worsen inflammation and acne. It’s enough to apply peeling to oily skin just once a week. Despite the low frequency, the effects are supposed to be visible fairy fast.

4. Mineral cosmetics

Undoubtedly, finding the right make-up cosmetics that are suitable for oily skin is a demanding task. Sadly, the great majority of such colour cosmetics isn’t recommended to be applied to oily skin since they stimulate sebaceous glands even more, they clog skin pores and cause irritations. It might seem that the best colour cosmetics destined for oily skin are mineral products. How do such cosmetics work? Mineral cosmetics control skin shine, camouflage blemishes and considerably improves skin condition.

5. Make-up removal

Cleansing and removing make-up form oily skin is truly vital. A good idea here is to keep oily face clean by using natural oils since they deliver antibacterial, nourishing and moisturising action. It’s important to choose an oil displaying cleansing, soothing and regenerating properties. Also, it should be good at freeing skin from make-up, even the waterproof one.

6. Clay face mask

This cosmetic is perfect for nourishing and cleansing skin. It sweeps off toxins, mattifies skin and eliminates bacteria. Additionally, it helps wound heal up faster, it reduces visibility of skin pores and prevents blackheads. It’s also worth bearing in mind not to let the mask get dry on face because it might unnecessarily irritate skin. Clay that is the most suitable for oily skin type is green. Powdered green clay can be bought in any drugstore or eco shop selling semi-finished goods.

7. Visit a dermatologist

If you aren’t able to take proper care of your oily skin, it’d be better if you make an appointment with a dermatologist. A doctor will ask you a few questions to learn your beauty routine, the products you use and lifestyle you lead. Moreover, this specialist will prescribe you the right medications and preparations for external use. Also, you will be given instructions how to treat your skin together with the practises should be avoided. It’s possible that a dermatologist will instruct you to change some beauty routines that you are used to which turn out to cause acne on your skin.

8. Cool down and relax

Did you know that stress is one of the acne triggers? If you try to limit situations that cause stress, your skin condition will improve. Moreover, stress can lead to many other ailments such as immunity deficiency or excessive hair loss. Also, the right amount of sleep seems to be a wonder cure for acne. At night skin activates its self-regenerating processes, it rests, cells divide, toxins are removed. In order to boost the quality of your sleep, roll down the blinders so as to make your bedroom dark and don’t let your pets be present in your room while you sleep.

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