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Are you sure that you know how to wash hands?

hands-washing.jpgReportedly hands are the habitat of bacteria. They are under nails, in crease of skin and near cuticles. Do you know that each square centimetre of your skin carries more or less 5 million of bacteria? By resigning from hand washing before eating, you deliver germs to your organism that can cause diseases that are dangerous for health and even life. Learn how to wash hands the right way.

Human hands is aggregation of bacteria. These include coli bacteria, Salmonella bacteria as well as pinworm or cestoda eggs. By touching various things, no matter if at home or outside it, we “collect” bacteria and germs. And the most of them can be found on bus handrails, on a keyboard and in a bathroom. If you don’t wash your hands before leaving a toilet or if you do it not long enough, get ready for a disease or an infection. So, how to do it the right way?

Do you know that 20 seconds are enough to get rid of all germs that covers your hands? And you don’t even have to use soap! Obviously, it would be way better to use the cosmetic. However, in some cases just anti-bacterial wet tissues or antibacterial lotions that are available in drugstores are enough. Naturally, you can devote more time and care when washing hands at home. Always keep the following items handy: a nail brush, soap, a soft wipe or a paper towel.

Before proceeding with hands washing, take off your watch, rings and bracelets. Mind you, bacteria and germs also gather on jewellery therefore, remember to keep it clean as well. Besides your rings will gain additional shine if washed regularly. But coming back to hand washing, first, you have to moisten and soap both hands and wrists. Wash precisely skin between fingers and near nails. Rinse the soap off and repeat the procedure if you feel like doing this. Brush your nails. The last step is precise hand drying. Do it thoroughly since where’s moist, there are bacteria.

When to wash hands? Always after leaving a toilet, after playing outdoors, after contact with animals and before eating. What’s more, hands have to be washed precisely after being in a hospital, after touching raw meat and after coughing or sneezing. If you care for having beautiful and smooth skin, pat a moisturizing cream after washing and drying your hands.

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