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At-Home Pedicure Step by Step – Foot Care In Your Own Way

Foot skin care may seem to be a simple, pleasant activity. This might be true for some girls but the foot-care beginners have a different opinion. Is caring for nails and feet so time-consuming and tiring? Go for one of the two options: at home pedicure or salon pedicure. You’ll see that the former will bring you lots of satisfaction and enviable results.

home-pedicure-guide.jpgMust-have nail accessories

If you want to do pedicure at home, you need cosmetics (nail polish remover; soap, baby care oil or bath salts; cuticle-softening oil; nail polish, primer and top coat; a scrub) and nail accessories (nail file and buffer; nail clippers; pedicure drill machine or pumice; a wooden cuticle pusher; toe separators; a towel).

At Home Pedicure Step by Step

  1. Foot bath. Soak your feet in warm water with some soap, baby’s oil or salts. This mini bath alleviates tired legs, softens epidermis and nails, and brings relief. Thanks to the bath, you will easily and quickly remove blisters and calloused skin, and cut and file the nails. Add a few drops of essential oil or a bubble bomb to water for a nicer bath.
  2. Remove the old nail polish so you can apply a new one. Use an acetone-free remover to lower the risk of irritation and damaged nail plate.
  3. Clip, file & buff the nails. The bath softens the nail plate so it should run smoothly. It is important that you cut and file the nails straight because that’s the only way to avoid in-grown nails and other unpleasant diseases. After giving the nail plate the right shape, use a buffer to smooth the nail surface. In this way, you get rid of the nail polish residue which could make next pedicure steps harder.
  4. Heel skin care. Nail polish on the nails doesn’t make well-maintained feet. Healthy and smooth skin on heels matters as well. A pedicure drill machine, pumice or scraper will do away with dead cells, cracks and blisters. A coarse-grain scrub for massaging feet for a few minutes works the same. Such a treatment also improves the blood flow and the color of nails and skin. After massaging the heels, rinse out the scrub residue and dry the skin.
  5. Nail cuticles. You will easily remove or push them with a wooden pusher. If you decide on the first solution, remember not to cut them too deep – that’s an easy road towards infections or damage of the deeper skin layers. Using a cuticle pusher or softener regularly is safer. Finally, apply a baby care oil to your nails.
  6. Nail polish. I guess that’s the most pleasurable part of the pedicure routine. Put the separators between your toes to protect skin from smudges. Next, apply a primer and wait until it dries. Then, apply a chosen nail polish. Eventually, use a top coat which makes the product dry faster and protects your pedicure from damage.

Care is the basis

If you want your nails to be strong and healthy and you wish to have smooth heels, regular masks are the must-do. You can try DIY product – mix one egg, a glass of fat yoghurt, a half glass of lemon juice and a drop of lemon oil. Pour the mask into a bowl and soak you feet in it. After around 15 minutes, rinse the mask off and rub the lemon oil in the skin. Such a massage gives relaxation and boosts blood flow.

Summer & Spring Pedicure Trends

Geometric nail designs will be in – you’ll make them yourself at home in a flash. Plant shapes such as flowers, leaves or creepers will be trendy, too. French pedicure is never going out of style, working for all occasions and outfits. Bold and bright ombre is still a thing.

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