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Image enhancement. Look that expresses more than words

So far the psychology of beauty hasn’t been recognized as something important. This field of knowledge was, as we can put it, in in its initial stages. The majority of population used to treat this issue rather with ignorance until scientists managed to prove that all our decisions (including our promotion, employment, the quality of […]

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Ways to Get Beautiful Eyelashes. How to Care for Them?

Our eyelashes deserve the best we can give them. Thanks to these tiny hairs, we can amaze with a beautiful look and defined, flawless makeup. Do you know anything about the right lash care routine? There are lots of ways to bring the vitality of lashes back. There are as many factors which weaken the […]


Coconut Oil – Grand Body & Hair Care

Imagine somebody told you that there is one cosmetic which is able to enhance your good looks from head to toes and the effects outshine most drugstore products. You wouldn’t believe that, would you? What if it turned out that it’s inexpensive and widely-available and… edible, having a positive impact on your health and figure? […]


Nanoil Argan Oil: Liquid Gold for Hair & Skin

argan oil nanoil oils

Not without a reason argan oil is called liquid gold of Morocco – this is one of the world’s most valuable cosmetic oils. This yellowish substance proved that it is far more powerful than other oils extracted from popular kernels and seeds. The thing is that not all argan oils work the same way. If […]

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Perfect makeup in a few steps. What are the most common mistakes in makeup?

The jealous looks of women are a common thing when a celebrity with an impeccable makeup appears on the screen. It seems to be due to the hard work of makeup artists, and creating the perfect look at home is almost impossible. You couldn’t be more wrong.  All makeup artists who were asked about the most common mistakes […]


Innovative Thermal Foam Strips For Hair Colouring: Highlighting Foam Strips by ColorCuts

highlighting foam strips

Innovative Thermal Foam Strips For Hair Colouring: Highlighting Foam Strips by ColorCuts The Color Cuts brand has startled the hairdressing market with their innovative hair colouring strips – Highlighting Foam Strips. This gadget has brought a revolution to hair salons. Highlighting Foam Strips are top-quality thermal polystyrene hair colouring strips that can be a breakthrough in multi-tonal hair colouring. […]


10 reasons why you’ll love GHASEL Maltese Honey Body Cream

body cream for dry skin

Is your skin rough and dry? Are you looking for a way to quickly smooth it out? Meet Maltese Honey Body Cream – a rich GHASEL body cream that combines the moisturizing properties of Maltese honey and the nourishing and revitalizing effects of vitamins, oils and plant extracts to boost skin hydration and smoothness in […]

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How to Get Longer Lashes Naturally? Try 3 Trusted Methods

Many girls dream of long and thick lashes, but they often need to put a lot of effort to get the look. Don’t worry, though. With our three simple remedies you’ll make your eyelashes twice as long, thick and strong very fast. It turns out it’s possible without fake extensions. To get the best results, […]