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Common dandelion and its application in cosmetics

Common dandelion is a plant growing in the moderate climate region. It isn’t only used for medical purposes but also for hair and body care because it’s able to lighten discolorations up, is fairly helpful in treating acne and combating dandruff. What are other uses of common dandelion in beauty and what is its application? Learn recipes for DIY cosmetics with common dandelion.

cosmetic-properties-of-common-dandelion.jpgCommon dandelion – cosmetic properties

Cosmetic properties of common dandelion derive from its vitamin-rich composition: A, C, E, K and B6, riboflavin, calcium, iron, manganese, potassium, folic acid, phosphor and calcium. For that reason common dandelion offers anti-inflammatory features that make it a natural agent capable of dealing with acne. Moreover, this plant is frequently added to products designed for mature skin care due to its anti-oxygenating action.

Included in common dandelion magnesium and vitamin C accelerate skin healing processes, soothe inflammations and reduce visibility of post-acne marks. Moreover, common dandelion infusion is used as a cosmetic targeting freckles and pigmentation marks, therefore skin regularly wiped with a common dandelion toner wins even skin tone as the minor discolorations are eliminated.

Moreover, common dandelion beneficially influences hair condition by nourishing it. Also, it combats dandruff, reduces sebum production and colours hair delicately.

Recipes for homemade cosmetics with common dandelion

  • Common dandelion face mask for acne
    Wash fresh leaves of common dandelion and chop them. Cover with a small amount of filtrated water, boil and take the saucepan off the heat. Put cooled down common dandelion leaves to your face and let them sit there for 20 minutes. In order to make the action delivered by common dandelion less powerful, you can add a few chamomile flowers.
  • Common dandelion flower face mask
    Blend a fistful of common dandelion flowers either with fat cream or Greek yoghurt. Apply the mask to your face and cleavage. Rinse after 30 minutes with warm water.
  • Common dandelion flower face tonic
    Wash a fistful of common dandelion flowers and cover with water. Keep boiling for maximally 20 minutes. After cooling down, pour the liquid into a bottle and throw away the flowers. Wipe your face with the tonic at least once a day. Your homemade common dandelion flower face tonic should be stored in a glass bottle and kept in a refrigerator for a few days only.
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