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DIY Cluster Lashes from Nanolash. The Best Lash Extensions?

Every woman cares about her looks. Remembering the saying, “fine feathers make fine birds”, we do our best to enhance beauty and improve the good looks as much as we can. Today, we’re reviewing new cluster lashes – DIY Lash Extensions – that may be the way to turn your image around in just 10 minutes!

Nanolash DIY eyelash extensions

Seductive look – Most women’s priority

Daily beauty routine and enhancing our best features have a great impact on how we feel. The eye area seems to be the main focus.

Women love to experiment with various eyelash products. Regular mascaras fail to define weak, straight and sparse lashes. Application of eyelash serum is a popular solution, but it usually takes time to enjoy noticeable results.

Patience, though the greatest virtue, doesn’t help when trying to improve lashes; the life cycle of lashes is very short so getting the wow fan of lashes in a completely natural way is impossible.

The Nanolash DIY Lash Extensions are cluster lashes that prove an effective solution. These are easy-to-apply DIY eyelash extensions that you can wear without overloading natural lashes. Within only ten minutes, every woman can realize her dream of a seductive fan of eyelashes.

DIY eyelash extensions

DIY Lash Extensions – Can we consider them a breakthrough in eyelash extension?

The Nanolash DIY Lash Extensions have been released recently yet have already been hailed as game-changers. Surely, the brand Nanolash sets the bar high for the competitive lash brands.

The DIY eyelash extensions are available in a single box or in a full eyelash extension kit. The box includes 36 clusters in 3 sizes: 10, 12 and 14 mm. The DIY cluster lashes come in as many as 8 styles.

As far as the kit goes, it contains:

  • Nanolash bonder
  • Nanolash sealer
  • Nanolash remover
  • eyelash tweezers

These accessories have five milliliters, which makes them highly economical.

Applying cluster lashes DIY Lash Extensions – simple and effective

Those of you who haven’t done eyelash extensions at home yet may feel overwhelmed by the application of the DIY Eyelash Extensions. In most cases, it is experienced beauticians or trained lash technicians who do eyelash extensions because it’s easy to spoil the final result.

However, the DIY lash clusters Nanolash have been designed so that every woman can apply them easily at home. The whole process involves only three steps:

  1. applying the bonder, that is a lash glue, and waiting for 30-60 seconds until it becomes sticky.
  2. placing the lash wisps under the natural lashes (more or less one millimeter away from the water line).
  3. pressing the lashes with the lash tweezers and applying the sealer to finish the treatment and remove the tacky coat.

The manufacturer guarantees fast lash extension at home taking just 10 minutes. What’s also great, the clusters can be worn for even 5 days.

Once you’re ready to take off DIY Eyelash Extensions, you make use of the Nanolash remover which breaks down the glue, not worsening the condition of natural lashes.

Nanolash DIY lash extensions

DIY Eyelash Extensions – You are ten minutes away from the perfect lashes

The DIY Eyelash Extensions are premium cluster lashes that will allow you to turn your image around in just 10 minutes. Every woman can go for the premade lash extensions and apply them easily; you don’t need any experience in applying cluster lashes.

The Nanolash DIY lash clusters come in 8 styles and 3 lengths so you can do a delicate lash style or more dramatic Russian Volume lashes.

Uniqueness, innovation and simplicity – these words are best for evaluating the DIY Eyelash Extensions from Nanolash. Every woman is only ten minutes away from the dream, natural-looking lash fans!

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