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Enzymatic gentle exfoliator and what you should know about it?

If you have sensitive, paper-thin or easily irritatable skin, then you probably have trouble with its washing and exfoliating. However, I’ve got good news for you. This skin type can be conditioned by enzymatic gentle exfoliator. How does it work and what are its effects? Enjoy the read.

What is enzymatic gentle exfoliator?

The enzymatic gentle exfoliator is a cosmetic for the elimination of dead skin cells and for general skin cleansing. It can be performed both at the beauty salon and at home. Enzymatic gentle exfoliator contains plant extracts, such as hibiscus extract, papain, bromelain that dissolve dead skin cells.

How does enzymatic gentle exfoliator work?

The enzymatic exfoliator or the plant enzymes in it to be precise, dissolve intercellular junctions, remove dead skin cells, cleanse pores, remove excess sebum as well as makeup residue and other dirt from the face. For the best results, the cleanse should be repeated on a regular basis, however, results can be observed only after a few days.

How to use enzymatic gentle exfoliator?

You need to wash your face and remove the makeup. Then on the toner treated and slightly wet face use the enzymatic exfoliator. Start with a 5-minute massage, then wash your face with warm water. Another way to perform this treatment is to leave exfoliator on as a face mask. Once you feel the cosmetic dries, wash your face, use toner and apply face cream that goes best with your skin type.

What are enzymatic gentle exfoliator properties?

Enzymatic exfoliator:

  • deeply cleanses skin,
  • removes blackheads,
  • smooths out, softens and makes skin toned,
  • makes skin complexion even,
  • improves the absorption of cosmetics by the skin.

Who would benefit from enzymatic exfoliator?

The enzymatic gentle exfoliator is best for acne-prone, sensitive and couperose skin. It is also an amazing solution for all of you who cannot use chemical and mechanical scrubs.

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