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Evening Facial Skin Care Ritual

An evening skin care routine is extremely important because the skin regenerates best at night. That is why going to sleep with full make-up on has an awful influence on your face skin. To keep the skin healthy the longest possible, some rules must be followed. What should your evening facial skin care routine look like?

best-face-skin-care-nighttime-routine.jpgThorough Face Make-Up Removal

The nighttime skin care routine should focus on the precise make-up removal. To get rid of all make-up products, use micellar water or Oil Cleansing Method. Both solutions have their benefits: micellar water is an unusually mild product whereas OCM is very effective from the point of view of the physics. The latter involves cleansing skin with oils – dissolving oils with oils. Remember to wash the skin until the cotton pad is clean. A thorough make-up removal is a must even if you come home after an exhausting day. Only after that, you can move on to the next stage – purifying. To do that, go for an alcohol-free washing product. Alcohol tends to cause extreme skin dryness.

Face Skin Exfoliation

Regular face skin exfoliation is another must-do stage in your nighttime beauty care. In most cases, once a week is enough. Both ready-made and DIY products work; try making a scrub using coffee and face wash or sugar. Always remember to do an allergy trial first; we’re often unaware of our allergies. If your skin causes problems, give up on physical scrubs and replace them with enzymatic exfoliators.

Facial Cream

At night, the body temperature visibly increases. As a result, skin absorbs nutrients much more easily. That’s why the cream you apply is extremely important. A product you pick should be high quality and rich in concentrated conditioning substances. The skin type and age are other crucial criteria.

Face, Neck & Chest Massage

Massage, especially the one affecting such delicate body parts, is both pleasurable and anti-ageing, preventing wrinkles. That is why devote a few minutes every evening.


Regular sleep is as important as the choice of the right skin care products and the evening massage, or even more important. You should sleep 7-8 hours a day. Otherwise, the concentration of prolactin increases due to the lack of enough sleep. Its excess triggers acne breakouts.

Evening Face Skin Care Routine Hacks

Below we present some tricks for easier evening skin care and healthier face skin.

Firstly, you should apply a moisturiser right after going out of a tub. It matters a lot because the skin loses most moisture within a few minutes after a bath. The soonest you tap a cream in the skin, the more quickly you hinder this process.

Secondly, once a week, after the evening exfoliation routine, apply a thick layer of oil or cosmetic butter to your body. Such a mask prevents skin from getting dry. Moreover, reach out for creams rich in vitamins A and C and regenerating proteins. Vitamins and micro-nutrients are active longer if you apply them in the evening whereas they fall apart quickly because of the sunlight.

Surprisingly, if you’re bothered by acne, replace your pillow case every day. Acne mostly equals bacteria which are transferred to your pillow touching your face. This ‘keeping in touch’ with a dirty pillow makes for acne breakouts.

What’s more, strongly-working serum or masks make best choice before the bedtime. It is hard to apply them during the day because they won’t work as make-up primers. For the night, apply anti-ageing products because the active substances (retinol, coenzyme Q10 or regenerating proteins) they include work more efficiently while we’re asleep.

Gently massaging the eye area in the evening is a good idea, unblocking the flow of lymph and reducing the risk of puffy eyes. Beauty treatments such as a relaxing massage, micro-dermabrasion and exfoliation are cut out for the evening routine. In this way your skin has time to rest and get in shape for the morning.

Moreover, go for relaxing scents in the evening beauty rituals. Lavender, grass, sea water, citruses and cocoa work this way. Bubble baths smelling so beautifully hands down put you in good mood. Remember that both good and bad mood is reflected on your face skin.

Additionally, have a glass of water before sleep to save the skin from the night dehydration. It’s not a good time for stuffing yourself with food. If you’re really starving, have a light snack. Spicy dishes disturb your stomach and worsen the state of your skin.

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