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Everything you need to know about detoxifying cosmetics

Detoxifying cosmetics are a counterbalance to pollution and smog that residents of larger cities must face on a daily basis. The heavy metals and dust in the air not only threaten our health but also damage our skin because they contribute to the formation of blemishes, blackheads and discolouration. To minimize their toxic effects, it is worth taking a three-step cleansing treatment. The latter would not be possible were it not for detoxifying cosmetics.

beauty.jpgSTEP 1. Thorugh makeup removal 

Makeup removal is the most important point of daily care. If you forget about it, in the morning, you will get up with a clogged, rough and grey complexion. Only 5-10 minutes are needed to remove makeup an all the impurities that accumulate on the skin during the day. To do this, use a micellar water or milk with which you can cleanse your face and neck. What’s more, this way you moisturize the skin, and also prepare it for further skin care cosmetics and absorbing active ingredients contained in the cream.

STEP 2. Oxygenation

Oxygenating cosmetics are distinguished by the content of active oxygen molecules. Oxygen stimulates the skin to fight free radicals that cause skin ageing, improves the absorption of valuable ingredients, accelerates blood circulation and improves skin tone.
If your complexion is exposed to pollution every day, you must oxygenate it after returning home. This way, you will regenerate the epidermis, strengthen the blood vessels, and as a consequence – give your skin a rest.

STEP 3. Vitamin Boosters 

Vitamins are the most effective weapon in the fight against weakness and fatigue. Whenever your skin is grey, reach for cosmetics infused with vitamins and microelements. The best will be vitamins A, C and E and extract of ginseng and ginkgo biloba. These natural antioxidants revitalize the skin and strengthen the cells. Cosmetics containing such vitamin bombs will improve blood circulation, hydration and skin tone. They are especially recommended for people exposed to long-term environmental factors, especially stress and smog. The power of vitamins and microelements also contain masks that refresh the skin and restore its glow. Residents of the agglomeration must unconditionally include masks into their beauty routines.

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