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Everything you need to know about eyelashes – structure, growth cycle, eyelash loss

Except the aesthetic role, eyelashes also have also the protective function. In order for them to fulfil their role as long as possible, they should be properly taken care of. This is only possible when we are aware of their structure, the growth cycle and possible reasons for eyelash loss. Get to know your eyelashes better and find out how to treat them well.

Eyelash structure

Eyelashes are fine hairs on our eyes, their main function is to protect the eyes from pollution. One the upper eyelid there are 150 – 250 eyelashes, on the lower one from 50 to 150. The length of the upper eyelashes varies from 8 to 12 mm, whereas of the lower ones from 6 to 8 mm.

A single eyelash consists of a root and a shaft. The latter is located in the hair follicle where the hair bulb is made. This is the part that grows up and has an effect on the appearance. The cells which are in the hair bulb are one of the fastest growing cells in the human body – we can notice this by the rate at which the hair grows.

The eyelash bulb is made of flattened cells, called hair cuticles, that adhere to each other. Those parts of eyelashes are very resistant to mechanical irritations. Under the cuticle there is cortical layer made of keratin. Its role is to make the eyelash flexible, resistant to stretching and injuries. The amount of fibres depends on the genes.

The eyelash growth cycle

The cycle is divided into five phases:

  1. Anagen – the period of hair growth, it begins under the skin and lasts until the hair grows above the cornified layer.
  2. Catagen – the hair ceases growth but it does not fall out.
  3. Telogen – lashes are already dead, at the end of this phase it is pushed out by a new lash.
  4. Early anagen – the cells of the hair follicles die.
  5. Late anagen – the old eyelash falls out, the new one starts growing.

FUN FACT: there is 33% of eyelashes in each phase!

Excessive eyelash loss

Every day we lose one to two eyelashes. If this number increases, then you should see a doctor to find the reasons behind it. These may include:

  • invasive eyelash treatments;
  • taking some drugs;
  • stress and illness;
  • improper diet and lifestyle;
  • incorrect make-up or make-up removal;
  • strong rubbing of the eyes;
  • mechanical damage.

How to take care of eyelashes?

The best and easiest way to nourish and strengthen eyelashes is a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Thanks to this, eyelashes will grow stronger, healthier and more beautiful. Another way is to use proper cosmetics, including eyelash serums. The choice of mascara is of importance as well. The product must not be old and should contain nutritional ingredients.

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