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Eye Treatments. Uncover the Remedies for Tear Through, Droopy Eyelids & Puffy Eyes

Eye area ages the most quickly. That’s why we start being bothered by crow’s feet, sagging under eye skin and puffiness already around the age of 40. To take the processes back, you don’t need a plastic surgeon. An aesthetician can perform treatments, solving your problems out. Discover effective ways to get rid of the tear through, drooping eyelids and puffy eyes.

treatments-for-droopy-eyelids.jpgTear Through Treatments

Sagging skin under eyes is one of the examples of the passing time. The groove goes from the inner eye corner to the middle part of the cheek – the distance the tears make.

The tear through treatment takes around 20 minutes. It is painful, therefore you need anesthesia. Hyaluronic acid is injected in the line of the groove. As a result, the grooves under eyes and on cheeks are shallower whereas the dark circles are less visible. Hyaluronic acid injections stimulate the production of collagen in skin which consequently gets denser and firmer.

In some people, the tear through is so striking that the treatment must be repeated. The effect lasts from 12 to 18 months.

Remedies for Droopy Eyelids

Drooping eyelids result from the excess of the skin on upper eyelids, making us look sad and depriving the face of freshness. This condition is caused by the slower production of collagen fibers and weaker muscles.

There are lots of ways to fight this problem. A doctor chooses the type of the treatment. The most popular ones:

  • needle-free mesotherapy for eyelids and eyebrow area involves injecting active substances stimulating the production of skin-tightening substances,
  • lifting and tightening the eyelids through hyaluronic acid or botox fillers,
  • forehead and eyebrows lift.

Ways to get rid of puffy eyes

Under eye bags can be the consequence of aging or genes. Weakening of skin structures and face muscles is responsible for the occurrence of puffiness. Lipolysis is the best remedy. The treatment involves injecting an active substance breaking and dissolving the fat in the eye bags. The results are observed after a few days as soon as the skin regenerates and the swelling eases off. To permanently remove puffiness, 3 or 4 procedures must be done in between 4-5 weeks.

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