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False eyelash application? Take matters into your own hands

What kind of eyelashes would you like to have? Thick, long, shiny, resilient, curled, lifted up at the perfect angle? All women dream of having black and thick eyelashes. However, not many of them know how to achieve such look. It is said that applying false eyelashes is a good solution. Read the article and you will have the chance to learn more about this issue.

False eyelash application - Take matters into your own hands

False eyelashes seem to be the only reasonable solution whenever you think of immediate effects and emphasised look. Unfortunately, false eyelash application is only camouflaging the problem instead of solving it. It is advisable to take a better care of your natural short and weak lashes in order to make them grow longer and stronger. It is a much better solution than overburdening them with synthetic lashes and adhesives.

We can distinguish several types of false eyelashes – made of synthetic or natural silk, or mink fur. The last ones are the lightest ones and the most resilient, however, they also cause most allergic reactions due to their animal origin. False eyelash application is the most popular and the least expensive method, although the effects are far from natural. Additionally, it also depends on the method you choose.

When it comes to the methods of false eyelash application, they can be divided into two categories: basic and a bit more advanced. The easiest and most often used is semi permanent eyelash extension (individual false eyelash is attached to a single natural lash). The second method is called volume lashes or XD volume lashes. To the more expensive methods, we also include Hollywood Effect, Russian Volume Style. They take a lot of time and provide exaggerated, dramatic effects.

Therefore, before you decide to apply false eyelashes, have a look at the disadvantages.


1. You cannot apply false eyelashes on your own. Of course, it is possible if you choose traditional but non-glamorous strip lashes. Nevertheless, this method still requires some manual skills to prevent asymmetry on your eyes. The best solution is to go to a salon and have professional false eyelash application done by a qualified person. However, this also might be problematic because finding skilful and experienced eyelash extension artist is very difficult. The more qualified the beautician, the more expensive the entire procedure will be.

2. False eyelash application is very expensive. There are no doubts that using natural eyelash serums is a lot less expensive. One false eyelash application is very costly. Additionally, the better quality the materials are and the more complicated the method of application, the more money you have to pay. What is more, you must also include additional costs for regular touch ups. They are necessary to maintain and prolong the effects.

3. False eyelash application is very time-consuming. Each woman who has undergone the procedure at least once in her life knows exactly that laying still at the salon for several hours can be really exhausting. False eyelash application requires a lot of precision and focus. Applying hundreds of individual lashes or cluster lashes takes a very long time. The procedure lasts from 1,5 to several hours.

4. False eyelashes come with limitations. Certainly, you can survive the process of false eyelash application because there is nothing a woman would not do to look beautiful. However, when it comes to wearing false eyelashes, you must be aware of the consequences. False eyelashes require high-maintenance, such as: drying, reducing contact with water or humidity, eliminating oil-based cosmetics. Additionally, you should not use mascara, carefully select under eye creams and avoid touching them at all.

5. Adhesive and false eyelashes can cause allergic reactions. No matter what the beautician promises you, irritation and allergic reaction appear very often. It is a big concern for people with very sensitive eye area but not only. Irritation can be caused by the components of the glue as well as mechanical scrapes done by the tweezer during the application. Allergic reactions appear often because of the use of lashes that are of animal origin, for example, mink fur.


Because of a constant search for the perfect solution we tend to forget about the simplest ways. In this case, there is a less expensive and less demanding method. We are talking about using natural eyelash serums. They bring tremendous effects and are within our each.


Nanolash eyelash and eyebrow serum is the most popular product among other serums. It is also recommended by nearly all users. The cosmetic is a concentrated formula that was developed especially to improve strength as well as to thicken and darken natural eyelashes. You cannot only cover up the problem. This serum solves it immediately from the inside because it starts working in the bulbs from the very fist use.

Special thin applicator that resembles eyeliner is not a coincidence. The producer ensures that Nanolash serum reaches the source of the problem. Therefore, it must be applied along the lashline. Only then false eyelash application will no longer be necessary because natural lashes will regenerate and start to grow faster and stronger.

The effects will be noticeable after only a few weeks of regular use. One may think that it is a long period of time to wait, however, taking into consideration the fact that false eyelash application is only temporary while Nanolash serum provides long-lasting effects of long and thick lashes, it is worth the wait. One bottle is enough for six months of use while the results will maintain longer then that.

The price of 3 ml of Nanolash eyelash and eyebrow serum does not exceed the amount you have to pay for a good quality mascara and it lasts longer. Of course, this solution is not only easier but also cheaper than false eyelash application. What is more, you can do it on your own and completely safe. Simply apply Nanolash serum along your lashline every evening after removing your make-up.

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