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Gorgeous hair? Only with Nanoil Hair Oil

Nanoil natural hair oil

Do you have problem with styling hair, that will not want to curl? You try unsuccessfully defeat frizzing? You lose hair excessively, or perhaps your scalp suffers from dandruff? You try to protect ends against splitting? Then after hundreds of failed treatments you decide to cut your hair. Wait! Meet Nanoil – perfectly chosen hair oils, which as the only cosmetics can fix even extremely damaged hair!

In the age of appearance bearing an immense meaning to us, hair care enters entirely new level. We are no longer interested in superficial action, because we know more about hair structure and its needs. Nanoil has analysed human hair structure from the roots all the way to the ends. This is where such perfectly matching hair needs oils with complex and truly great action came from. Nanoil for low porosity hair provides constant protection, Nanoil for medium porosity hair ensures strengthening and regulates processes in scalp, and Nanoil for high porosity hair provides intense regeneration.

You just need to know your hair type to find perfect treatment for yourself. You do not have to debate over the choices you have, because Nanoil hair oil is available in three versions. This is definitely better solution than offering one product and saying that it works for everything, or releasing collection of several dozens of oils and placing the consumers in front of definitely too difficult choice. In case of Nanoil hair oil you can choose out of:

  • Nanoil for low porosity hair
  • Nanoil for medium porosity hair
  • Nanoil for high porosity hair

Mysterious names of the oils hold the key to effective hair care with natural ingredients. Low, medium or high porosity of hair determines its structure and provides an answer to the question: “what nourishing ingredients hair needs?”. Low porosity hair has little problems, because its external cuticle layer is strong and tight. It is exactly the opposite with high porosity hair, where hair cuticles are wide open and significantly weaken the hair. By knowing this, you can easily match the several dozens of vegetable extracts with three hair types.


Nanoil - haircare product

Why do Nanoil hair oils become more and more popular in spite of high competition? This is the only product of this type on the market, because it provides multidimensional action and perfectly complements your hair needs. This is something manufacturer should know and offer only cosmetics with perfectly combined ingredients. This is what Nanoil hair oil is like.

almond oil + argan oil + evening primrose oil + avocado oil + passion fruit oil + cottonseed oil = Nanoil for high porosity hair

What is the characteristic of high porosity hair? Significant weakening and damage. This hair is the most neglected and its outer layers were extensively damaged. Hair is brittle, breakable, matte, devoid of gloss and overly dry. Hair overly falls out, appear split ends and dandruff. Nanoil for high porosity hair deals with all of these issues. Enriched with six natural oils, the product delivers:

  • restoration of hydro-lipid balance in scalp,
  • deep regeneration to hair,
  • seal of hair cuticles,
  • improvement to scalp condition and calmed irritations,
  • hydration level control, anti-water loss,
  • discipline to unruly hair, anti-frizz and flyaways,
  • softness, opulent gloss and intensified colour,
  • condition and protection to damaged hair ends.

macadamia oil + argan oil + marula oil + jojoba oil + passion fruit oil + coconut oil = Nanoil for medium porosity hair

What can we say about medium porosity hair? This hair type is the most problematic despite of being the most common. Hair prone to frizzing, resistant to styling, weak, can suffer from excess falling out and breakage. This hair type usually lacks gloss and it is noticeable that the damage is progressing. Nanoil for medium porosity hair will prevent further worsening of hair condition. Thanks to six natural oils, the cosmetic gifts your hair with:

  • restoration of vitality to hair and scalp,
  • heat and sun exposure protection,
  • repair to hair and strengthening of the structure,
  • hydration, smoother and elasticity,
  • fizz, flyaways and brittleness elimination,
  • strengthening, anti-hair loss and stimulation of hair growth,
  • elimination of dandruff and oily roots.

Siberian pine oil + coconut oil + argan oil + castor oil + shea butter + passion fruit oil + babassu oil + monoi oil + cupuacu oil = Nanoil for low porosity hair

Low porosity hair? Women living in warmer countries know perfectly what this hair type is like. Straight, heavy and resistant to styling. Fine and delicate is constantly subjected to harmful sun radiation and high temperature. Nanoil for low porosity hair abounds in nine natural oils that provide your hairdo with:

  • blood circulation improvement and scalp processes regulated,
  • heat protection,
  • protection against UV radiation,
  • hair bulbs strengthening and hair growth stimulation,
  • protective layer and anti-dehydration,
  • easier styling and combing.


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13 Comments “Gorgeous hair? Only with Nanoil Hair Oil”

  1. Anette29

    only recently I used hair oils, but I had no idea that there is ready mix intended for given hair type

  2. myself

    I heard about hair oiling that the effects are amazing, but I haven’t tried it myself yet

  3. caramel93

    Before I tried it, I couldn’t believe that after some oil, hair can be so pretty, seriously 🙂 at first I was like crazy shopper and I was constantly buying new oils 🙂 now, I was curious and bought nanoil for low porosity hair, because I’m tired of making my own mixes

  4. KaliS

    I have the one for medium porosity hair and it indeed makes my hair easier to style and it combs so well after washing. Till no I had to apply a tonne of conditioner to detangle my hair

  5. meeeow

    I once came across on text about porosity on some blog but I thought that it was some blogger’s flight of imagination turns out its quite the opposite and I have high porosity hair

  6. Eveline

    I used nanoil for high porosity hair and for me it is the best cosmetic I ever used on my hair, like ever. No conditioner comes close to what this oil can do! My hair is stronger, stopped falling out and there is no split ends.

  7. p.o.l.l.y.

    I have these problems right now and I can’t handle it. I take different dietary supplements,apply castor oil and still my hair fall out,ends are split and in general hair looks tragic :((

  8. Eveline

    My hair was the same and this oil was a huge help! at first, I applied it a few times a week to the entire length of my hair and washed out in the morning. Now I do it twice a month. I apply only small amount after washing to damp hair and then blow-dry

  9. agnes

    great oil! <3

  10. Kathy33

    As for me it is a waste of money. Just use some castor oil on regular basis and the effect will be same.

  11. Martika

    Kathy33@, perhaps for you it did work but for me entirely not though I used it very regular. The only difference was that hair was super oily afterwards

  12. Ellie P

    I prefer oil from loreal, smells great and hair is super glossy after I use it

  13. Joann.

    yeah, I heard something about the golden oil from L’Oreal, looks beautiful, but I prefer natural cosmetics. The less silicone, paraben and alcohol the better for my hair.


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