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Hair-care HIT! See the effect of liquid silk in the Nanoil Hair Mask!

Is your hair very dry, dehydrated or over-processed? Are you struggling to make the tresses look naturally beautiful? Liquid silk is the best for taming unruly strands! With this very substance, you can take control of your frizzy flyaways, add shine and secure the hair throughout its length. Hydrolyzed silk, which Nanoil Liquid Silk Mask abounds in, is the most valuable. Get enchanted by the silky formula and the power of silk in a professional hair mask.

Silk – the best thing you can present to your hair

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that silk is a real hair-care stunner: nothing enhances your hair better than this outstanding ingredient high in essential substances. Silk is rich in:

  • proteins (fibroins) – hold water inside the hair
  • sericin (glue protein) – gives the breathtaking gloss and leaves a protective coating on the hair
  • vitamins (A, F, H, B5, E) – irreplaceable hair-enhancing vitamins
  • UV filter – protects against the destructive effect of the sun and external factors
  • plenty of amino acids (glycin, alanin, fibroin, sericin, lysine) – have similar properties to proteins (hair building blocks)

What effect does silk have on hair?

  • Thanks to the ability to store water, silk can absorb and hold big amounts of water so it perfectly hydrates and nourishes.
  • Silk smoothens the structure and seals the cuticles. The effect you get – silky smooth, flawless, manageable hair free from knots and frizz.
  • Silk greatly enhances both the hair structure and the scalp.
  • Thanks to silk, hair feels soft. Hair ends are secured from splitting. Silk keeps the tresses safe from the sun damage, plus it revives the hair color.

Liquid silk: a VIP among hair-conditioning substances

Liquid silk is the best form of silk – its molecular weight is low so that it can reach inner hair structures to skillfully repair them, strengthen and hydrate from within. This version of silk is dedicated to dry, damaged, dull-looking, over-processed, color-treated hair and tresses that require repair.

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Liquid Silk Hair Mask by Nanoil – the best silk for your hair

We all know the power of hair masks. They make perfect treatments we can easily use at home. See a mask that works like a professional in-salon treatment. The Nanoil Liquid Silk Mask gives a big dose of the finest silk. It holds perfect components, makes the hair structure smoother after just one use and locks water inside. Regular application lets you quickly repair and nourish the tresses.

The Nanoil Liquid Silk Hair Mask is a great remedy for all types of problems: it fixes damage caused by color-treating, wrong daily hair care and chemical processing.

How do you know the Nanoil Liquid Silk Hair Mask is the best?

  1. Perfect components: a high concentration of silk.
  2. Ideal formula for any type of hair: lots of available liquid-silk products weigh the hair down while the Nanoil mask is lightweight and leaves the tresses strong and full of vitality: hair doesn’t lose volume.
  3. Effortless usage: this mask works like a professional treatment but its use is extremely easy. You don’t like hair caps, lengthy treatments, warming up the towel with a dryer? You are in the right place! The application of the Nanoil mask is easy, fast and convenient: you just need to apply it to clean, damp tresses and rinse after 10 minutes.

Nanoil Liquid Silk Hair Mask – you can expect fast results

The professional silk mask for home usage is the bull’s eye! The effects speak for themselves. After the first application, the hair looks way better. Silk in the Nanoil mask strongly hydrates and repairs, protecting the hair at the same time. This is the effect you achieve:

  • Silky smooth, soft, luminous hair that is easy to style.
  • Healthy hair and repaired structures.
  • Tresses are less prone to damage, loss of hydration or split ends.
  • Strong, frizz- and static-free hair.

Why don’t you try the best-selling, highly-rated liquid silk mask from Nanoil? See more information at

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