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How does under eye cream work and how to use it?

Under eye cream does more than just taking care of thin and delicate eye skin area – it also gifts looks with expressiveness. An under eye cream’s task is to moisturise, highlight and lift skin; it has to reduce puffiness, too. By taking into consideration the skin area that the cream affects, the cosmetic must work really gently. Therefore, in order to obtain the looked-for effects, it must be applied regularly. How does under eye cream work, how should it composition look like and how to apply it the right way?

how-to-apply-under-eye-cream.jpgHow under eye cream works?

Under eye cream nourishes and replenishes skin with water. It’s really important because when skin loses water, it automatically loses elasticity too. For that reason, under eye cream has to be intensively hydrating.

Moreover, this cosmetic’s task is to taut, lift and make skin firm again. If you spot your eye skin area getting flabby, look for an under eye cream that will prevent and combat these processes. After all, resilient and firm skin, also of the eye skin area, is a dream of every woman.

Additionally, under eye cream targets wrinkles. Although it won’t remove fine lines that have already formed, it can considerably smooth them out. Also, such cosmetic lightens up dark circles under eyes caused either by fatigue or following an unbalanced diet. If dark circles under eyes are the consequence of some health problems, such as heart disorders or kidney disorders, you must seek medical advice because an under eye cream, despite being a multi-purpose product, won’t help in this case.

Under eye cream – composition

Under eye cream should match skin age and its type. Of course, you can find many universal creams that can be used no matter if you are 20 years old or 50. It’s also worth realizing that night eye cream’s properties differ from day eye cream’s. Whereas the formula of night eye cream is more concentrated and richer in conditioning substances, a day eye cream is definitely lighter which facilitates make-up application, for example.

In most cases an under eye cream has one or two leading ingredients that determine the product’s features; whether it’s regenerating, firming, rejuvenating, anti-ageing, moisturising or reduce the visibility of dark circles.

An under eye cream frequently contains vitamins A, C and E that are responsible for sweeping off free radicals and regenerating cell membranes. Additionally, they enhance skin looks, rejuvenate it and nourish epidermis. The vitamins boost action delivered by the nourishing substances a cream contains.

Vitamin A aids in epidermis self-renewal processes and delays skin ageing processes, including wrinkles formation. Vitamin C eliminates the effect of periorbital dark circles and highlights skin. When it comes to vitamin E, also called the vitamin of youth, it moisturises skin and delivers anti-inflammatory and strengthening action.

Pro-vitamin B5 (D-panthenol) transforms into vitamin B5 when in contact with skin. It’s known for its intensively hydrating action and for relieving inflammations effectively. Green or white tea extract helps deal with so-called crow’s feet. Lactobionic acid is a new generation’s PHA acid which stimulates cell regenerating processes in a truly revolutionary way.

Oenothera extract features omega-6 acids that together with hyaluronic acid creates a protective film on skin. Thanks to this, water loss is prevented so epidermis is hydrated better. Soy, almond, macadamia and avocado oils reinforce lipid barrier of skin, regenerate it and nourish. Additionally, they contain all the fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, E and K.

Shea butter regenerates weakened epidermis and makes skin more elastic. As a consequence, skin becomes delicate to the touch. Caffeine fixes the flabby skin parts, stimulates blood flow and reduces blemishing under eye puffiness.

Birch bark extract or cornflower extract act soothing and relieving as well as they reduce sagging. Eyebright extract, which displays anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory action, seals eye blood vessels, reduces swelling and eliminates the signs of fatigue and stress.

French marigold extract is a rich source of lutein that improves skin elasticity and replenishes skin with water. This translates into significantly improved skin condition. Similar action is displayed by European blueberry extract that seals and improves both elasticity and condition of capillary vessels.

Coenzyme Q10 boosts cell oxygenation, protects against damaging action of free radicals and supports cell regeneration. Moreover, it fixes damages caused by UV radiation. Collagen, a natural youth protein occurring in skin, supports skin renewal processes, so it delivers anti-age action and smooths out skin.

How to apply under eye cream?

In order to help the product work the way described on the packaging, it has to be applied appropriately. Firstly, it must be distributed to clean face. Secondly, it shouldn’t be patted vigorously because if we keep stretching skin in all directions, we encourage wrinkles. Instead, an under eye cream should be patted into skin really delicately starting from the outer corner of the eye finishing at its inner corner. The cosmetic can be distributed on eyelids providing that the eyelash root line is omitted.

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