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How to take care of the skin in the fall? Easy and effective methods of post-summer care

Summer sunbaths often leave us with unwanted souvenirs – uneven tan, discolouration and skin dehydration. How to restore beauty to the skin? Get to know the best methods of skin care in autumn.

beauty.jpgFeeling under the weather in the autumn is not a flight of imagination. Less sun and less heat cause that the level of our well-being significantly decreases. Do you know that the skin may also suffer from “depression” in the autumn? After the holiday craze, the skin often lacks hydration, it is irritated, stained with discolouration, grey and dull. It looks as if it needs an energy booster. How to restore its vitality?

Autumn skin care

Slightly cooler months are the perfect time to regenerate your skin after the summer heat. In the evenings, we have more opportunities to treat ourselves to an at-home SPA. Once the sun stops shining so much, we can go for beauty treatments that are not allowed in the summertime.

There are two options to take care of the skin in the fall:

a) at-home beauty treatments,
b) professional treatments at the beauty salon

Step 1 – exfoliation

After the holidays, it’s worth starting with exfoliating treatments. A good skin scrub (both done at home and at the beauty salon) will remove dead skin cells and minimize the visibility of discolouration that occurs as a result of excessive exposure to the sun. Exfoliation is very important in the autumn, because it helps restore the skin’s smoothness, softness and uniform color. After summer, we have an uneven tan and dry skin, which is easiest to get rid of just by means of peeling.

Step 2 – regeneration

Skin that’s tired of sun exposure, “calls” for the missing nutrients. By applying appropriate masks or regenerative treatments, we can provide it with the right amount of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, etc. This strengthens the internal structures, increases the skin’s elasticity and its overall appearance. Renewing the skin in autumn is an important step to restore its beauty.

Step 3 – moisturizing

What does the skin lack the most after the summer holidays? Of course, moisturizing. Heat, scorching sun, salt water – all this contributes to a decrease in the level of hydration. As a result, the skin becomes dry, dull, rough and irritated. In autumn, a good face cream may be useful, for example with hyaluronic acid or urea. A good solution is to undergo appropriate treatments that strongly moisturize the skin. It is worth remembering that maintaining proper skin hydration is important and affects its condition and looks in winter.

Step 4 – protection

Autumn skin care also means activities aimed at protecting it. This time it is all about shielding the skin not against strong sun, but cold, wind, acid rain, toxins, dry air in heated rooms. A good lipstick will be useful to protect lips from drying out and chapping. Also, cosmetics with emollients, such as oils, thanks to which the skin will be beautiful and healthy even in autumn should be your go-to products.

How to take care of the skin at home in the autumn?

In order to do the ‘autumn cleaning’ in regards to the skin, you do not have to immediately arrange expensive beauty treatments at the salon. You can provide it with proper hydration and nutrition through homemade methods. Which of them are the most effective?

At-home autumn skin care methods:

  • serum with vitamin C or a vitamin complex,
  • homemade exfoliating scrub, eg oil with the addition of raspberry seeds or oatmeal,
  • natural face oils that will prevent water loss,
  • face creams with hyaluronic acid or/and panthenol,
  • relaxing and regenerating baths,
  • a balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetables (source of vitamins).

What care treatments are worth doing in the fall?

Whenever when we do not have time to prepare homemade cosmetics or we want to work on the skin more intensively, we can use the help of a beautician. In many beauty salons, special groups of treatments are created for the autumn, they are definitely worth trying out to restore the skin’s vitality. What treatments for the skin will work after the summer?

  • Chemical peels – are an ideal solution when the homemade scrub is too weak. The exfoliation procedure uses fruit acids such as glycolic or almond, which exfoliate the dead skin cells non-mechanically. The skin after this treatment is smooth and perfectly cleansed.
  • Mesotherapy – can be either needle, microneedle (with the help of a roller) or needless. Regardless of the type, it is a great autumn care treatment. It delivers a boost of nutrients into the skin and stimulates the process of cell renewal.
  • Sonophoresis – a good way to deeply nourish and hydrate the skin when we are afraid of needles. During the procedure, a special skin care product is applied to the skin using ultrasound. Thanks to them, even substances that do not usually pass through the epidermal barrier are absorbed.
  • Microdermabrasion – works well in the fall, because it effectively cleanses, rejuvenates and firms the skin. Special heads remove calloused epidermis and stimulate natural regenerative processes. Old skin cells are replaced by new, healthy and beautiful epidermis.
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