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How to take care of your complexion? Overcome fine lines and skin discolouration

beauty.jpgWrinkles and skin discolouration cost you sleepless nights ? If you would like to have smooth and radiant complexion, you should use  anti – ageing cosmetics. Check which of these products will help you to regain a nice look and bring instant results.

Why do fine lines and discolouration appear?

It is believed that the most important causes of skin ageing are: the migration of facial wrinkles and uneven tone. The latter can be further divided into gravitational wrinkles, expression lines and the ones resulting from dehydration. Therefore, try to choose products that counteract gravity, brighten pigmentation, relax facial muscles and hydrate properly. Moreover, it is worth using cosmetics that contain collagen and elastin. Wrinkles arise quickly on a low density skin.

How to overcome skin migration, fine lines and discolouration?

Face migration is nothing else than changing the proportions and shape of the face. Cosmetics cannot do much in this case. Much better results will be achieved thanks to daily massages. When it comes to discoloration, the best remedy id vitamin C and retinol. During summer make sure to always use sunscreens. In loosening wrinkles botox is a good option. However, if you are afraid to use it, try other substances, for example peptides. They are much safe, though not as durable as botulinum toxin. For moisturising facial cosmetics select cosmetics of lightweight texture with the content of humectants. In addition, use products with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.

What should your daily care look like?

In the morning and in the evening you should use cosmetics with diversified effects. For washing your face, before you do your make-up, select micellar water or toner. Then, apply serum or cream with vitamin C or moisturising ingredients. Do not forget the cream with sunscreen of minimum SPF 25. In the evening, use a mild gel cleanser and a toner with cleansing properties. If your skin is oily in the T-zone, apply appropriate cream. On the remaining part of the face apply a moisturising preparation. Rub oil for smoothing wrinkles onto your neck.


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