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Face Tips & Tricks

How to take the perfect selfie

Tip #1 Find the best light
It seems that there is nothing worse than a shadow cast on your face. What you need to into consideration is the sun position (if you are outdoors). When the Sun is in its highest position, avoid taking the pictures from above your head as you may get dark bags under your eyes and your nose will play the first role. The best light for shooting photos is when the sun is already setting. The pictures look the best. The tip for those who want to take a photo in the building- find a window. The natural light is very flattering. Stand in front of the window to get the sharp image of yourself. Never take pictures form you chest’s position, as it is easy to end up with double chin even if we do not have it. The simple trick that will make your neck look slim and long, is positioning a white sheet of paper on the chest and take a picture from above your head. The way we position ourselves towards light is a crucial factor determining the quality of the picture. If you turn your back on the light, you will have a mysterious, backlit look. You must know that the picture may be a little blurry and it will not give the justice to the real colours. On the other hand, any skin imperfections can be easily hidden, only the shape of your face will be visible. If you would like your face to look brighter, turn your face towards the main light source.

Tip # 2 Best angle different for everybody
Good selfie is all about the lightening and … the right angle. Extend your arm out. The further the camera is away, the less chances that you will have the fish ball effect. Elongate the neck and take pictures from different angles to find the one that suits you best. Each of us is different and has different features worth emphasising.

Tip # 3 Big no to duck lips.
It may have been popular but back in the beginning of Facebook. Tongue-in is in a very poor taste unless you want to impress teenage boys. Instead of focusing on selfie clichés, make sure that you look natural. You can emphasize your bone structure in other way than by doing lips-out pose. Use the makeup products such as a bronzer to sculpture your face. Apply the matte bronzer under your cheekbones and on the sides of your forehead. Use the light concealer to draw the fine line under the bronzer lines and on the top of your cheeks. Then take a wide makeup brush and blend the harsh lines out. The type of make-up you are wearing can change the results you are going to get. Use the matte powder in your T-zone and you can pat a tiny bit of highlighter on the top of your cheekbone. This simple trick will make your cheekbones coming forward on the picture.

Tip#4 Take care of your hairdo.
Do a hair toss before taking a picture. Make sure that your hair is voluminous and that they still look naturally. Pictures with the loose hair look much better that when you are wearing a ponytail.

Tip #5 Check the background.
We may think that nobody is going to be interested in what is in the background when you are going to be in the center. That is a big mistake. Taking pictures with the toilet in the background is of a poor taste. You would like people to see true you, but nobody is interested in your dirty room or bathroom. Never make selfies in the mirror unless you want to capture the whole body. Fashion bloggers can get away with it, if you are among them, go for it, if not, stick to the face selfie. The mirror shots may look fake and unnatural.

Tip# 6 Get the app
Whether you use IOS, Android, or Windows operating system on your phone, you can download special photo editing apps. Most of them are free of charge and they can do wonders to your selfie. Depending on the app, you can change pretty much anything on your picture. This is your must-have portable photo shop.

Tip#7 Have fun!
It may come to you as a surprise but nobody likes sad people. Smile for God’s sake! You take the picture to make yourself feel better, and make others smile in return. You do not have to grin but a delicate smile on your face is highly advisable.

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