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Image enhancement. Look that expresses more than words

So far the psychology of beauty hasn’t been recognized as something important. This field of knowledge was, as we can put it, in in its initial stages. The majority of population used to treat this issue rather with ignorance until scientists managed to prove that all our decisions (including our promotion, employment, the quality of service in a shop or office) are made in 3 seconds. In other words, judging a person takes us as much as blinking with an eye. The decision is made in the twinkling of an eye… well, while talking about eyes.

Look that develops trust – How to get it?

Why do we start exploring topic of the psychology of beauty from talking about eyes?

Eyes are where the communication begins – eyes can reveal more than words. If we want to maintain longer eye contact with another person, this means that we are interested in them. The truth is, women are more alive to this issue and care for having captivating look.

Look into the eye of cyclone – How not to be afraid of eye contact?

Quite surprising is the fact that the great percentage of people, including majority of women, avoid looking into eyes of their interlocutors. The reason is… low self-esteem. It happens because women aren’t fully satisfied with their short, weakened eyelashes. Frequently, they avoid eye contact subconsciously. Unfortunately, this arouse suspicion and distrust in an interlocutor.

Luckily, we have good news for ladies who haven’t been brave enough to experience how powerful is the look thrown at another person while having the thick fan of eyelashes. The present-day cosmetic market offers eyelash serums.

Cosmetic handling short lashes and… low self-esteem?

Eyelash serum is considered as antidote for hang-ups. Thanks to this product eyelashes grow long and thick; definitely, look wins additional expressiveness. Many people claim that owning to eyelash serum they have more courage and their self-esteem boosted. Moreover, they are no longer afraid to look in the eyes of their interlocutors and the relations with people they meet by accident have become more… welcoming.

Is it surprising that long, romantic lashes are so powerful? If we take into consideration the fact that the judgement of other person takes 3 seconds, it becomes natural that the greatest impact on this have… our eyes and their frame. If looking into eyes of other people is similar for us to looking into the eye of cyclone – check out reviews of the best eyelash serums and choose the one which appears to be the most suitable for you. Perhaps an eyelash serum will change you, as it did to millions of other women all around the world, to such an extent that you will finally start charming others with your appearance.

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