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Korean cosmetics vs. the rest of the world. How do sheet facial mask work?

Reportedly, Korean cosmetics are recognized as one of the best. Sheet facial masks, which belong to this group, have become highly popular beauty products that many women eagerly use, and the effect they are able to deliver is truly stunning. They contain natural substances that produce the overnight results and application is super easy. How has the phenomenon of sheet facial masks emerged?

korean-cosmetics.jpgWhy Korean sheet facial masks are so popular?

Some time ago Korean sheet facial masks have conquered the world and won hearts of many women. How could that happen? Surely, the secret lies in its effectiveness as well as the fact that many women are fed up with the regular beauty products offered by prestigious western brands. Moreover, Korean sheet facial masks are recommended for all skin types, they can be bought in every shop and their price isn’t high at all. What’s interesting, in order to make face care with sheet mask more enjoyable, producers came up with the idea to liken the masks to animals. For that reason, by applying a facial sheet mask you can become a panda or a tiger, for example.

What are sheet facial masks?

Sheet facial masks are made of thin cloth soaked with active substances. This is an essence containing plenty of precious ingredients. Among others, they are: rice extract, powdered pearl extract, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, green tea extract or carrot extract. Action delivered by sheet facial masks depends on creating occlusion on face which in plain English is a kind of a moisturising, nourishing and protective coat. Obviously, this type of cosmetics was designed to fit face the best way possible. They are oval and feature holes for eyes, nose and lips. To sum up, sheet facial masks are a practical and very effective alternative to regular cosmetics, they own better properties and the results are produced faster.

Why is it worth using sheet facial mask?

Firstly, the effectiveness. Sheet facial masks are soaked with nourishing substances that match a particular skin type. Thanks to applying this kind of technology and special way of putting the product on, the action of this cosmetic is more intensive and way effective. To clarify, substances a sheet facial mask offers stay on face significantly longer and penetrate deep reaching all skin layers. Effectiveness of this product also depends on the composition that is limited to minimum. It means that this type of a product doesn’t contain any unnecessary substances that might impede action delivered by the desired ingredients.

Secondly, speed. The way sheet facial masks work can be noticed right after the very first application. Appearance and condition of skin become significantly better already after one use of the product. In short, complexion becomes radiant, smooth, moisturised and more supply. For that reason, sheet facial masks serve well as a banquet treatment the aim of which is to take care of skin before an important event in a very short period.

Thirdly, easiness of use. Sheet facial masks are always ready to use. You don’t have to mix them with other products, for example. Moreover, they don’t run down the face and don’t stain clothes. You can even apply a sheet facial mask in your living room while watching TV.

Fourthly, diversity. You can encounter sheet facial masks in many forms and versions that address needs of skin and its type. Basically, you can buy skin cleansing, regenerating, anti-age, highlighting and many, many more similar sheet facial masks. And, as mentioned above, you can also come across masks resembling animal faces. For example, we can get a face of a lion, panda, cat, tiger and many other funny animals.

Fifthly, relax. Sheet facial masks also deliver relaxing action. If you apply them to face, you can feel a pleasant cool and smell the delicate fragrance the ingredients have. Moreover, this product works as a soothing dressing and the time you have to devote for the procedure will pass in a very nice way. All things considered, sheet facial mask is a perfect cosmetic to help you relax.

How to apply sheet facial masks?

Before putting on sheet facial mask, precisely cleanse your face from cosmetics and sebum. Then, delicately open the packaging and take off the protective foil. Do your best to help all the holes fit nose, eyes and lips. The essence that the package contains distribute on your neck and cleavage. Leave the mask for approximately 20 minutes. Next, take it off and pat the essence that is still on your face into the skin. Finally, you can throw away the mask – it’s a disposable product.

How to make your own sheet facial mask?

Homemade sheet facial mask is very easy to prepare and delivers immediate effects. In order to make it, you will need the following ingredients: two spoons of green tea, one spoon of aloe gel and either face wipes or leno. Mix green tea and gel. Take the wipe/leno and cut out places for eyes, nose and lips. Put the tissue in the green tea and aloe mixture, squeeze out the excess and apply the cloth to your face. Wait around 30 minutes, take off the mask and massage the residues into your skin.

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