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Lash Extensions Warning

I was not sure whether I should do this review but I thought that it may be helpful for those who hesitate between a good lash serum or lash extensions. I will tell you that I do not have a good experience with semi-permanent false lashes and I hope that my story may be some kind of a warning.

As everybody I love long, lust lashes; mine were always just average. Since we are bombarded with all kinds of ‘false lashes, effect’ mascaras we learned that long lashes is the norm. I followed the trend and I bought ‘Girls Aloud’ falsies. I loved the way they looked but I hated applying it whenever I wanted to go out. I got used to this gorgeous lash fringe that when I was going to the office wearing only mascara I felt bare and undone. I have been experiencing with different false lashes sets and adhesives to find the perfect match. Then I noticed that there is something better on the market.

I discovered that I can have my amazingly long lashes at any time of the day or night without me doing nothing. The semi-permanent lash extensions was something I thought would save me and that it would make my life so much easier. I made an appointment in Shepherds Bush Market beauty salon to have my extensions done. I cannot express how great I looked. They were very long yet looking natural. My excitement did not last long as they were gradually falling out. I was instructed what to avoid and how to take care of my lashes but I felt that there was something wrong. It was so bad that I could see some gaps in my lashes. I went back to the salon but this time I visited the beautician in Westfield Shopping Centre. She told me that my lashes were not separated well and that the false lashes were glued to many other lashes at the same time instead of the 1:1 ratio. She took them off and applied the new set. I spend there over 2,5 h. The amount of money I paid for that still gives my skin goose bumps. After that, I had 3 infills sessions but I decided that it was way too expensive for me and I stopped going there. What I have learned from this experience is being careful who is doing the treatment for you. I did not checked the first beauty salon and I assumed that the beautician was a professionalist who knew what to do. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I am not sure if I am ever going to have the lash extensions done again.

nanolashI am looking to enhance my lashes naturally. I have found two lash serums that give very good results. One of them is Latisse and the other Nanolash. I am working hard on making my cousin who lives in Ontario to get the Latisse shipped for me. If that is not successful, I am going to get the Nanolash. I read many positive reviews about both of them and I am willing to try the treatment for a couple of months. Although my lashes extensions were a big failure, they did not damaged my natural lashes at all. They have the same length and thickness. I know that extensions may weaken natural lashes but I was probably wearing them not long enough to experience this side effect. What are you using to make your lashes looking great?

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