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Makeup Mistakes [TOP 10] – Check if You’re Doing it Right

Makeup mistakes – don’t we all make them? Sadly, every other woman makes at least one. There are different reasons – we are either unaware of a mistake or we apply makeup in a rush (in this case, it’s better to give up on makeup elements which require time and precision). What are the most common mistakes while applying face makeup? Check if you’re not (unconsciously) guilty of committing at least one of the makeup sins.

common-makeup-mistakes.jpg1. Wrong shade of foundation

Foundation is the key makeup product. If you choose the right one, it works wonders: adds radiance to the fatigued skin, moisturises and protects against the elements, mattifies oily skin, prevents unhealthy shine, camouflages first facial lines. It should ideally blend with the skin, to be more precise, with its shade. Otherwise, instead of the effect of a healthy, beautiful face, you end up with a cake face (often with a visible, unaesthetic line on the jawline). Preferably, try to choose the shade at home in the daylight. It’s great if you can ask for a few samples at a store or order them online. Don’t test the foundation on your wrist – you aren’t going to wear it there. Apply a thin layer of a foundation to your cheek, spreading it on the jawline and neck. Repeat it with three or four other shades and choose the one that blends best with your skin tone. You can leave it in for some time to see how it behaves on the skin and if it causes irritation.

2. Too thin brows

A thin brow looks grotesque and unnatural. Super thin eyebrows, which are additionally defined, give you an undesired funny look. Having the brows done by a beautician is a good choice to get the right shape and thickness. If you don’t know how to use a brow pencil and you end up looking unnatural – try out a product that has a similar shade to your hair color. It will give you a subtle coverage and soft makeup. Remember to apply the product evenly covering the brows – after all, the brow line narrows down.

3. Overdone eyebrows

The craze for thick, bold brows is going to last for a few seasons – such a look takes a few years away. However, as always, you can go too far, making the brows too thick and causing the disharmony on the face. Even if you like bold eyebrows, remember that going to extremes isn’t a good idea in makeup. The thickness of the brows should go along with your facial features.

4. An uneven eyeliner

We all know how hard it is to draw a perfect, even, symmetric line. Using an eye pencil may be tricky, let alone a thin eyeliner. Luckily, you can learn to get a perfect wing. Using some hacks is a great idea (e.g. drawing dots along the lash line and joining them with an eyeliner instead of drawing a line with just one stroke). Another way involves drawing the outline and filling it in with the color.

5. A lipstick which doesn’t go along with the skin tone and the color of tooth enamel

While shopping for a lipstick, women rarely check how a color looks on their lips and if it suits their cool or warm skin tone. We use our intuition and preferences while choosing a lipstick. A wrong color doesn’t go with the skin tone and, to make things worse, it may intensify the yellow shade of the teeth. Each of us has their own shade of tooth enamel. A lipstick either makes teeth look whiter or enhances the yellow shades. Violet and pink (especially, warm shades) hues are the most problematic. Apart from the color choice trouble, it still happens to see a lipstick outside the lip line or on the teeth. To avoid such mishaps, go for a lip liner and try to precisely outline the lips.

6. Too dark concealer

A concealer may be a blessing, camouflaging the blemishes on the skin. There is one condition, though. It must be the right one. To cooperate with our skin, it must have the same tone as our face. What’s more, it must be one tone lighter than the foundation for a natural effect. Thanks to a concealer, you can camouflage pimples, all pigmentation spots and dark under-eye circles.

7. Blusher streaks on cheeks

A blush can make your skin look young, fresh and rested. If you apply it the right way, it adds charm yet its excess gives a cartoonish look. Instead of making the skin look youthful, it will make the face look older. A bold blush makeup draws attention to the cheekbones and disturbs the face contour.

To avoid this makeup fail, apply a blush gradually – start with small amounts, remembering that this product doesn’t just aim at enhancing the pointy part of the cheek. It should gently and subtly glide from the ear to the cheekbone. It is better to apply a bit of the blush and intensify the amount gradually instead of decorating the cheeks with unnatural-looking patches.

8. Eyeshadow settling in the eyelid creases

Most eyeshadows tend to settle in the creases of eyelids. If you want to avoid it, use a primer (base) which lets you get the longer-lasting effects, upgrades the color and keeps the eyeshadow from falling on cheeks.

9. A bronzer which is applied to a wrong skin area

Many women make this little yet dreadful mistake which causes a total mix-up on the face. They believe that a bronzer aims at enhancing the cheekbones so they apply it there. However, a dark shade of a bronzer is supposed to create the effect of chiaroscuro. In other words, it should hide the pointy cheeks and define the apples of the cheekbones. That is why you should apply a bronzer right below the cheekbone. What’s the best way? Make a duck face and apply a thin coat of a cosmetic to dimples.

10. Too much of a face powder

A setting powder is supposed to give a satin, subtle matte finish. That is why you must be careful because overdoing it means a cake face effect. The powder particles could settle in the skin creases, not covering the skin evenly. To avoid such mishaps, powder the face with a large brush and try to use little of the product.

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