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Natural Face, Hair and Body Care

It is a well-known fact that natural cosmetic are the most beneficial. After all, our grandmas have used only ingredients of vegetable, mineral or beeswax origins. As it turns out, the trend of using natural products in hair care is becoming more and more popular each day. Women started appreciating fruit extracts, vitamins and vegetable extracts that can be found in most creams, toners and even make-up cosmetics. Once you change your cosmetics to natural substances, you will never want to replace them in the care for your face, body and hair.

Natural Facial Care

Contemporary cosmetology uses 100% natural resources for the face care. Creams with cornflower and chamomile are well known to most of us. However, quite original and exotic ingredients are more and more often used in beauty products. These include Goji Berries, Scandinavian Blackberries, Siberian Ginseng, volcanic sand, African clay, caviar, snail slime and many more. With the use of such raw materials we are able to choose cosmetics that deal with our skin problems and also eliminate the risk of allergies.

How to take care of your body?

Recently, cosmetic butters and oils became the most popular cosmetics used and promoted by bloggers and beauty maniacs. Such products provide excellent moisturising, protecting, softening and soothing properties. They also contain many vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that restore skin’s great condition. Do not forget that scrubs are irreplaceable cosmetics too. They comprise coarse salt, cane sugar, ground shells, pips and seeds. For stimulating blood circulation try the witch hazel extract. Metabolism and fat burning is improved by caffeine and coffee scrub.

Beautiful and healthy hair

In this case, the best solution is to use cosmetic butters and cosmetic oils. Herbal infusions, scalp conditioners, and shampoos with natural ingredients are also a great means to improve the condition of your hair. All cosmetics provides gentle action, do not cause irritations and ensure exceptional effects. Scalp massage improves blood circulation, reinforces and nourishes hair bulbs which inhibits hair loss.

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