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Summer Hair Care Must-Do: What to Do when the Sun Makes Your Hair Color Fade?

It’s quite a challenge to find a person who doesn’t like the sunlight and nice warm sunrays. It turns out that your hairdo doesn’t get along with it. After all, the sunlight knows how to give you a hard time. Hair loses its natural hue. If you plan on summer holidays in warm countries, make sure you do your best to keep sun-damaged hair at bay. 

The sun destroys your hair

People having fine hair are the most threatened by the sunlight effect. In summer, the sunrays reach hair with greater intensity so strands get a warmer, honey color whereas ends are lighter by two or three shades. Too bad, the color of the sun-touched tips fades and it has nothing to do with nice naturally-lightened hair.

Have you heard that…

The darker the hair, the higher the content of melanin. The more the melanin, the better the sun protection. It won’t come as a surprise that fair hair is the most exposed to the action of the solar radiation. Moreover, the biggest difference in color is visible on long hair – damaged ends are vulnerable to the harmfulness of UV radiation, fading away and losing pigment quickly.

Drying hair in the sunlight

Does that make any sense? Or is it safer than a blow-dryer? It seems to be a better idea – after all, it’s a natural way without any devices. Sadly, water focuses the sunlight like lenses. Damp hair is far more prone to UV radiation damage and, to make things worse, the heat causes hair cuticles to raise. What’s the result? Ragged, straw-like hair having faded color.

How to keep hair color from fading?

There are a few tried and tested ways that will let you protect your hair color from fading. Try out the best ones for you!

  1. Protect hair by applying silicone-based serum.
  2. Use alcohol-free sunscreen spray.
  3. Hats, caps, scarves and other items of headgear are your summer must-haves.
  4. Use emollient-based treatments and masks – rub them in damp hair.
  5. Shampoos should have mild ingredients because you use them mostly on scalp.
  6. Pull your hair back to reduce the area exposed to the sunlight as much as possible.
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