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The code for young skin – reliable methods to rejuvenate your face

Maturity is a noble and honorable age, which has its own rules. Nevertheless, if we had the chance to say something in regard to this topic, we certainly would not give it the right to “decorate” our face with wrinkles. Nobody likes them. They do not add seriousness or nobleness. Fortunately, we can declare a petty cosmetic war on fine lines. All you need to do is equip yourself with the right products and set an ambush in the form of … face exercises. How to rejuvenate your face so that the wrinkles do not form too quickly? We have good patents for this!

beauty.jpgFace rejuvenation without a scalpel – discover the reliable, homemade ways 

‘Unbelievable! you look 10 years younger!’ – this sentence improves every woman’s mood. It’s nice if it’s the reflection of reality and not just a cliche. How to stop skin aging, rejuvenate your face and slow down the formation of wrinkles? Certainly, you can do something about it and we know what it is. Here is a comprehensive anti-aging guide. Check how to win the battle against time.

Face rejuvenation – cleansing 

You must start at some point. To perform a massive attack on wrinkles, you need to prepare the field for the action. The better cleansed skin, the better it absorbs substances contained in creams, masks, and oils. During the cleansing procedure, we also get rid of toxins that can lead to oxidant stress and disrupt the proper functioning of the skin cells. Cleansed skin means proper blood circulation and perfectly stimulated processes in its layers. The term “cleansing the skin” comprises actually two extremely important treatments:

  • makeup removal and daily skin cleansing with a micellar water or a gel
  • face exfoliating scrub that thoroughly removes toxins and sebum from the skin surface

The makeup removal should be done uncompromisingly every day. Going to bed and falling asleep with your makeup on is a dreadful crime against the skin and a bow towards the wrinkles. The scrub can be used a minimum once a week (in the case of oily skin, you can do it a bit more often). However, it is extremely important that the cosmetics you use, match the skin type and provide rejuvenating and revitalizing qualities. The more natural substances and plant extracts – the better for your skin. Synthetic components are often crude oil derivatives and have comedogenic properties.

Face rejuvenation – a face serum 

A serum comprises a set of active ingredients with intensified effects and increased effectiveness. It will help you win the battle against wrinkles. The serum has a different consistency in comparison to a face cream and thus, it is able to penetrate deeper layers of the skin. At the same time, it allows more active ingredients to reach the cells. Also, it is a great remedy for aging skin, and so, if you wish to rejuvenate your face – without a proper serum the task will be very tedious.

Face rejuvenation – a good face cream 

In terms of skin care and rejuvenation, a face cream has always been and always will be one of the most crucial cosmetics. It nurtures, conditions and penetrated deeper skin layers providing a complex care. The face cream is one of the key guardians of youthfulness, therefore, it is so essential to choose a high-quality product. A top-rated face cream abounds in a range of valuable ingredients improve proper skin functioning, and sweep away free radicals.

YOU WILL NEED THEM! What components to look for in face rejuvenating creams?

Youth has its own list of TOP-rated substances that are responsible for inhibiting skin aging. Therefore, if you wish to rejuvenate your skin, look for the following ingredients in the face creams, toners, washing gels, scrubs, under-eye creams:

  • collagen
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • phytohormones
  • stem cells
  • hyaluronic acid
  • resveratrol
  • regenerating peptides

Face rejuvenation – face-lifting masks 

Face masks are a strong, rejuvenating boost for the skin. To intensify the action of all rejuvenating cosmetics – it is worth treating the skin with a properly composed mask at least once a week. You do not need to buy it at the drugstore – homemade rejuvenating masks work just as well as those purchased in the store. What are the most effective ones?

  • 3 tablespoons of honey combine with 1½ tablespoons of milk and apply to the face. Wash the mask down after 15 minutes.
  • 1 tablespoon of honey, whisk with 1 egg yolk. Complete the mixture with 1 teaspoon of glycerin and potato flour to make it a mush. Apply it onto your face and wash it down after 15 minutes.
  • Mix a tablespoon of fromage frais, cocoa, and grated chocolate. Melt everything in a water bath and mix thoroughly. Cool the paste and apply to the skin, then wash it after about 20 minutes. The skin will be like after a facelift.

Face rejuvenation – oils, omega acids, phytosterols

Natural oils are a true cosmetic hit, popular all over the world. Their biggest advantage is the versatility of use (they are suitable for body care, hair care, nail care, eye area care, and even eyebrow care). Oils are fully natural substances that abound in active ingredients of powerful rejuvenating qualities. What is more, oils can successfully replace a serum, it’s best to apply them before bedtime as they can create a tiny greasy layer on the skin surface. During your morning beauty routine, simply remove any leftovers with a cotton pad. Natural oils are substances with strong rejuvenating effects: they contain a number of good fatty acids, plant sterols that support the production of collagen and elastin and plenty of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for maintaining youth and skin firmness.

Face rejuvenation – make sure to have low blood pressure 

Fun fact: low blood pressure it an ally in the fight for maintaining face youthfulness. High blood pressure can contribute to premature skin aging. Therefore, control your blood pressure and limit the foods and drinks that can raise it (for instance, coffee, energy drinks, sugar). If you want to lower it – reach for grapefruit or strawberry juice – you will provide the skin with vitamins lowering your blood pressure at the same time.

Face rejuvenation – face exercises a and face yoga

The face is also a muscle, so, to make it flexible and supple, and improve its oval, it is worth taking care of its flexibility by performing a short series of exercises on a daily basis. They will bring much better and stronger results than face-lifting creams. The Internet abounds in a series of videos that show short exercises on facial muscles. In addition, face yoga perfectly rejuvenates the skin too  – all you need to do every day is 5 minutes for exercises, so that after two weeks you can see the effects of a young, elastic skin without wrinkles.

Face rejuvenation – sleep

Sleep regenerates. Without a sufficient amount of sleep, you cannot dream of having a young, fresh face. During sleep, the most important skin regenerating and revitalizing processes take place in the skin. Try to go to bed early and sleep about 8 hours a day (night). This will pay off in the future! A beautiful and smooth complexion without wrinkles, under-eye shadows, and discoloration.

Face rejuvenation – reduce stress

Stress is another, an extremely serious enemy of youth. It is known that it is not always possible to control it, but try to find peace and relaxation during the day as much as you can. Thanks to this, you will not only cleanse the mind of unwanted mental “deposits”, but also stimulate beneficial functions in the skin cells.

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