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Too Much of a Good Thing… How to Get Rid of Double Chin?

There isn’t just one cause of a double chin. The sources of this beauty flaw might be genetics, obesity, stooping and even wrong sleeping position. What are the remedies and procedures letting you get rid of a double chin? What do ultrasound lipolysis, laser lipolysis and needle-free mesotherapy involve?

Double chin – causes

A double chin is usually an inheritance from our parents, grandparents and great grandparents. If the genes are responsible, the double chin is built of fat tissue which contains brown fat. Your body keeps this fat in the reserves so it is really hard to burn. The cells of brown fat are build of many fat droplets having different sizes. On the other hand, white tissue occurs in different body parts and is made up of cells containing one big droplet of fat which is surrounded by a thin layer of cytoplasm.

Obesity is a common cause of a double chin. The excess of fat gathers under the chin leaving you with sagging skin. In this case, the weight loss should at the same time reduce the double chin.

Besides the genes and obesity, the double chin is triggered by wrong posture (stooping) and lying down on high pillows.

Remedies for a double chin

1. The proper body posture

If your double chin is the consequence of stooping or sleeping on high pillows, changing your daily habits is an absolute must. Instead of shyly hiding your head in the shoulders, put your head up! The right posture while walking means pulling the shoulders backwards, tucking the stomach and keeping your head as if you try to carry a book on it.

The sleeping position is equally important. Sleeping on high pillows results in sagging chin and neck. Give it away to your pet and get yourself a flat pillow.

2. Neck & decolletage skin care

You should surely nurture your skin because sagging neck skin may look like a double chin. Cut down on sunbathing and sunbeds and apply a high SPF sunblock to your face as well as the neck skin. The sunlight causes the dissolution of collagen fibers which translates into the loss of skin firmness.

3. Double chin procedures & treatments

In order to do away with the double chin, you can try aesthetic medicine treatments such as ultrasound lipolysis, laser lipolysis and needle-free mesotherapy.

  • Ultrasound lipolysis defines a massage using a specially-designed tool emitting the heat and ultrasounds which break the fat tissue changing it into emulsion. The resulting liquid is removed with a cannula while the blood vessels, nerves and nearby tissues remain untouched. Ultrasound lipolysis is painless and doesn’t leave swelling or bruises.
  • Laser lipolysis uses laser radiation for reducing the fat tissue. The procedure involves introducing the optical fiber under the skin through small cuts. The radiation breaks the walls of fat tissues and releases their content. The resulting fluid is metabolised and removed from the body within several days. Laser lipolysis doesn’t require general anesthesia. Moreover, you can go back to normal after 2-3 days. The full effect is visible after 3-4 months. Bruises, swellings, burnt skin and extreme tenderness are the possible side effects.
  • Needle-free mesotherapy uses laser and electronic impulses to insert active substances into the fat tissue. The substances – mostly Phosphatidylcholines – break triglycerides. The needle-free mesotherapy is non-invasive and painless; it doesn’t cause either swelling or bruising. For the best effect, you need 8-10 procedures.
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