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10 reasons why your skin doesn’t like you

You probably think that there is nothing wrong with good old care treatments. However, it turns out that your skin is struggling every day because of being exposed to harsh conditions.. So that it no longer likes you. Why? Check if you’re not harming your skin in one of the following ways.

1. You occasionally (or never) use sun creams

Your body wants to tell you two words: skin cancer.

2. You often take a sunbathe

You probably overestimate your body’s tolerance for the sun. Even if you apply a sun cream with high UV protection, remember that it does not work for many hours. Even creams with SPF 50 will not protect you from UVA or UVB radiation if you spend too many hours on the beach. Remember that you should apply the cream at least 15 minutes before going out. Otherwise, the cream will not be fully absorbed leaving your skin unprotected.

3. You apply the sun cream only to the sun-exposed areas

This is a very common situation: many people apply the cream with sun protection only to the parts of the body that have direct contact with the sun. Hands, legs, face. We tend to forget about the parts hidden under our cloths. However, clothing cannot block UV rays, neither can windscreens. UV rays always find a way to reach out unprotected skin. Are you about to leave the house? Apply a layer of sun cream to your skin.

4. You exfoliate your body and face with rough washcloth

You probably think that you’re stimulating blood circulation, but your skin has a different opinion about it. It does not like it much because this way you’re scrubbing the skin’s protective layer. An excess amount of sebum can cause problems, however, the optimum amount of it protects the skin and prevents from moisture loss.

Next time, use your own hands to wash your body and face.

5. You use soap

If you’re using soap in your daily care, your skin must be very unhappy. The use of soap is a complete mistake when it comes to skin care. Firstly, soaps often contain a number of detergents and fragrances that can irritate and sensitize the skin. Secondly, soaps available in drugstores have alkaline pH, whereas our skin is acidic. Therefore, every contact of our body with soaps is like a torture for it. Frequent use of soaps can disrupt the skin’s natural pH, which becomes dry or oily as a result (trying to rebuild the level of moisture and protect itself from such treatment).

6. You don’t moisturise your body after washing it

It’s true than the skin on the body is a bit thicker and stronger than on the face, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t have to take care of it. If you don’t protect your skin from excessive water loss, it will start to dry out at some point. Remember that the skin is our shield that protects us from all bacteria and toxins. If it’s in a weak condition, it will not be able to fulfil its function.

7. You use toothpaste for acne

Do you really believe in the nursing and healing powers of a toothpaste? If you additionally treat your skin with an alcohol-based toner and overuse a strong, drying cream with astringent properties – you can be sure that your problems will be intensified. Instead of supporting the skin and ensuring its care – you additionally irritate it.

8. You don’t clean your phone nor keyboard

Bacteria accumulate the most intensively on these two devices. Under the microscope you would be able to see their little scary faces on both your phone and keyboard. Did  you know that even a lavatory seat has fewer bacterial strains than a simple phone? Before you hold it against your face again, clean it with a special wipes containing alcohol.

9. Sugar – the biggest enemy of your skin

You probably like to pamper yourself with all kinds of sweets. But do you like the idea of sugar molecules from your favourite chocolate, cake or ice cream binding with proteins in your skin and damaging the fibers responsible for skin firmness? No wonder that your skin hates sugar.

10. You don’t get enough sleep

At night your skin finally have time to regenerate. A lack of sleep reduces its time leaving your skin tired and unhappy. Instead, it generates stress hormones that are responsible for skin aging and all skin inflammations. People who get enough sleep are less likely to get depressed, whereas their skin ages more slowly. So.. enjoy your sleep!

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