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All-natural loofah sponge for body care

If you want to enjoy flawless skin on your entire body, then apart from using substances given by Mother Nature, you should also think about exposing the skin to some natural accessories. One of them is a loofah sponge that is nothing alike the regular sponges that we’re well-accustomed with. How does loofah sponge look like? How to use is correctly? What benefits does an all-natural loofah sponge have?

What’s the origin of all-natural loofah sponge?

Natural loofah sponges are made of elastic skeletons of various marine wildlife. Their first use has been traced back to ancient times. As you can see, such all-natural sponges are so effective and offer so many benefits, that they are still used nowadays.

Loofah sponges that are used for cosmetic purposes are grown 40 meters below sea level and the process of obtaining them doesn’t cause any damage to the environment. They are entirely biodegradable which makes them way better than regular body sponges. The finest loofah sponges come from the Mediterranean Sea, the Southern Ocean and the Caribbeans.

The benefits of all-natural loofah sponge in body care

First of all, loofah sponges – which are sponges grown especially for body improving purposes – are way harder when compared to the regular sponges made of petroleum derivatives. Secondly, they give you subtle skin exfoliation which is why loofah sponges are able to reduce fine lines, improve skin resilience and boost blood flow in skin. If you keep treating your body with a loofah sponge regularly, you will be fast to notice that the condition of your skin improves greatly.

What’s interesting, loofah sponges are suitable for treating face and perform gentle face skin exfoliation. However, you should be careful while rubbing your skin with a loofah sponge because too vigorous rubbing may cause irritations and redness.

How to keep a loofah sponge clean?

As mentioned above, loofah sponges are all-natural skin care products. With time, they turn to become brittle and gray, yet placing loofah sponges in a bowl filled with salty water and letting them sit there for 24 hours should improve them. After all, loofah sponges naturally occur in salt-water reservoirs. When this cleansing process ends, you should rinse your clean loofah sponge with running water.

If you want your loofah sponge to preserve its natural color, dip it in a vinegar solution. Yet, don’t do this too often because you can cause damage to your precious loofah sponge. However, if you decide to intensify the color of this gadget, remember to cleanse it with water thoroughly afterwards and let it air dry freely. It’s also worth realizing that if you keep the loofah sponge wet or damp, you encourage bacteria multiplication, which obviously leads to skin irritations.

Last but not least, putting a loofah sponge into microwave isn’t the smartest idea – you won’t make it clean this way. In fact, there is a risk of the loofah sponge catching fire. It’s definitely safer and better to clean your loofah sponge by putting it in a washing machine. Setting the temperature to 30 degrees Celsius should do.

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