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Long Hair. What Should You Know about the Best Daily Hair-Care Routine?

Growing long hair is challenging but the look is worth the effort. Without doubts long tresses make us look more feminine. There’s just one condition: they must be healthy and strong. And this one thing causes lots of problems. Are there some reliable treatments and methods to keep long hair in perfect condition?Every woman must have tried to get beautiful long hair at least once in a lifetime. Thick, luminous tresses? This goal is achievable. You just need to remember a few basic rules as far as daily care, styling and growing goes.

Step 1. Growing long hair

To grow long hair, you need to go through a lengthy and demanding process so get ready.

  1. Above all else, repair your hair before trying to grow it long. This is an obligatory step you must take – damaged or weak hair won’t grow fast. It won’t look good either. Dry, brittle, split hair isn’t the dream look.
  2. Also remember that your diet and lifestyle have the biggest impact on the speed of hair growth. Healthy food, delivery of vitamins, minerals and omega acids, as well as drinking min. two liters of water every day make up the base. You should also think about bad habits: cut down on cigarettes and alcohol. Overuse of any substance has a bad effect on hair.
  3. When it comes to the best hair-growth treatments, vegetable oils and scalp toners are the easiest option. Because you apply them to the scalp, they stimulate hair follicles to work better and in turn your strands grow faster.

Step 2. Best daily routine for long hair

Once you manage to grow long hair and get the desired length, you should know how to keep it strong and healthy the longest possible. You must be aware it’s not going to be easy. Caring for long hair can be tricky. Long strands tend to tangle and are hard to comb. Wrongly-suited products may leave them flat, limp, volume-less and often greasy.

See top rules to remember.

  1. Always comb hair before washing to keep it from tangling.
  2. Wash your hair gently using a mild shampoo free from SLS and SLES.
  3. Use only rinse-out products to avoid weighed-down strands.
  4. Remember to nourish, hydrate and repair the hair.
  5. Never comb wet hair to avoid breakage.
  6. If you have split ends, cut them down.
  7. Protect your hair against heat, sun and physical damage.

Step 3. Styling long hair

If you’ve got long hair, you obviously want to style it. Thanks to the length, you can create different hairstyles, curling, braiding, etc. Still, be aware that you can easily cause unwanted damage.

How to style long hair damage free? Do it carefully and reasonably. For brushing, use only natural bristle brushes. Before blow-drying, gently towel-dry the hair and never use hot air flow. If you straighten or curl the hair, choose natural methods or set a low temp on your heat-styling tools. If you tie your hair up, choose accessories without metal elements that catch on the hair. Cut down on hairsprays because they may leave the hair sticky and stiff.


Sometimes, just a little effort is necessary for getting lovely, beautiful hair. Don’t forget about the basic rules. Once you provide your hair with the proper care, hydration, repair and protection, you can move on to extra hair-growth treatments like scalp toners, ampules, scrubs and oils.

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