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Botox. Do we really need it?

When you look at the magazine covers, you see attractive and young-looking women. Their faces are smooth, tan, without wrinkles. But do you know that in reality, they do not look like that at all? They are similar to us, ordinary girls, busy, overworked and often not having the strength to properly take...


Best tips and tricks on how to get rid of blackheads!

They appear on every type of complexion, most often on the nose, they are difficult to remove and do not look good – blackheads. How are these skin changes created? What are the causes? And most importantly, how to get rid of them once and for all? There are two names in use – blackheads...


Cellulite and everything you need to know about it

Summer is fast approaching. Every girl would like to have a smooth, firm and beautiful skin for the holidays. If you are one of them, discover how to get rid of cellulite and what cosmetics to use. Do you also have cellulite? Cellulite can affect everyone. The problem of orange skin concerns both, people...


How to Effectively Get Rid of Stretch Marks at Home?

Can you get rid of stretch marks in the privacy of your own place? It depends on the size and degree of the marks. The comforting thing is that regularly-done at-home anti-stretch mark treatments can largely reduce the visibility of the lesions and even cure minor marks healing the epidermis. What are...


Activated charcoal – cosmetic properties and use

Although activated carbon has become famous as a cure for stomach problems, it also has cosmetic properties that help in the treatment of acne, reduces blackheads, whitens teeth and solves the problem of greasy hair. What other cosmetic properties does activated charcoal have and what is its use? Where...


Wrinkle Fillers. Which acid to choose?

The sad truth is that the first fine lines can be already noticed after turning 25. Their appearance is determined by, for example, external factors, harmful solar radiation, bad eating habits, mismatching skin care, cigarette smoking, stressful lifestyle and rapid weight loss. If wrinkles have already...