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What is Lash Extensions Treatment and the Potential Risk

To better understand how eyelash extensions work, let’s take a look at your natural lashes. Every day you are losing 1 to 5 lashes through natural shedding of your lashes. Lashes are just like hair; they are constantly going and constantly shedding. Some are long and mature, other fine and short called ‘baby lashes’ and the rest is somewhere in between.

The false lashes come in different length, thickness, and curls. Extensions are attached one hair to one hair. The technical should be able to distinguish your lashes and attach the synthetic hair to your teenage or mature lashes to make sure they are strong enough to support the weight of the false lashes. The baby lashes are left alone so that they can continue to grow long and healthy. The false hair is glued 1-2 mm of space from your lash line so the adhesive is not touching the skin. The glue used in the treatment is chemical so the customer needs to have her eyes closed throughout the whole procedure.

Although the adhesive is not in the direct contact with the skin, some people are supersensitive and they may experience an allergic reaction. After the treatment, you should be advised not to use any oil-based make-up remover. Avoid any oily creams in the eye area for the time when you wear extensions. The less you touch, the longer the lashes will last. Do not use the waterproof mascara and if you can restrain from the water based one as well.

The Risk of the Lash Extension Treatment
Eyelash Extensions can make difference to the way you look but they can also lead to irritation and infection. There is no industry standards when it comes to lash extensions. Anybody can train and anybody can offer these services. The salons that are often offering their customers discounts may turn out to be struggling with customs due to the poor service and lack professionalism. The common practice is now observed that, especially young girls are learning how to do the lash extensions watching tutorials on the YouTube platform. They are not properly equipped and they usually buy the synthetic lashes and the adhesive of eBay. Products purchased from unknown source, especially glue, may lead to serious health damages and sight lose.

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