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How to Effectively Get Rid of Stretch Marks at Home?

Can you get rid of stretch marks in the privacy of your own place? It depends on the size and degree of the marks. The comforting thing is that regularly-done at-home anti-stretch mark treatments can largely reduce the visibility of the lesions and even cure minor marks healing the epidermis. What are the best home remedies for stretch marks?

best-at-home-remedies-for-stretch-marks.jpgHow & Why Stretch Marks are Formed?

What are stretch marks? Not dangerous yet really unaesthetic skin lesions which are formed due to an excessive stretching or shrinking of the epidermis. The skin doesn’t produce enough collagen, therefore the epidermis runs out of time to manage the changes going on: the skin starts breaking – unsightly, transverse scars are formed on the body. At the beginning, they have a red colour (fresh stretch marks). When years pass, they get lighter and distinguished by white, irregular stripes. The most common causes include:

  • rapid growth during the adolescence,
  • pregnancy,
  • a sudden loss of weight,
  • some hormonal medication and contraceptives,
  • putting on weight too quickly.

How to get rid of stretch marks – a proper diet

Stretch marks don’t like vitamin K and zinc. Thanks to a diet rich in these ingredients, the skin gets back its bounce more quickly. Enriching a diet with products high in vitamin K and zinc pays off, helping especially when the stretch marks only start appearing. Vitamin K is found mainly in tomatoes, green leaf veggies and dairy. Search for zinc in nuts, seafood, pumpkin seeds and sprouts.

How to get rid of stretch marks – body brushing

Dry body brushing is a perfect massage which stimulates blood flow and improves the functioning of the entire body. You must do it using a specially-designed, natural-bristle brush. Always make sure you begin the massage at the lowest body parts (feet) and move upwards to the heart. You can devote more time to areas affected by the stretch marks – you’ll spot the skin elasticity boost after just two weeks. Body brushing doesn’t take much time – up to ten minutes of an everyday routine. After such a massage, the skin absorbs nutrients more easily so in order to intensify the result – apply a cream reducing the visibility of stretch marks immediately after the massage.

How to get rid of stretch marks – natural oils

Natural oils are like versatile-working, ultra-strong substances upgrading the appearance and increasing the elasticity of skin. Use them every day (not just for massage) as enrichment for all kinds of balms and lotions designed for reducing stretch marks. They enhance the structure of the epidermis, deliver elasticity and protect you from the new stretch marks.

How to get rid of stretch marks – cocoa butter cream

Prepare half glass of cocoa butter (first, melt it in water bath), two teaspoons of beeswax, a teaspoon of apricot seed oil, liquid vitamin E and wheat oil.

Mix all ingredients and close them in a secure, preferably dark, container. Apply the cream directly to stretch marks, even a few times a day. It is cut out for body massage; when you enrich it with coffee grounds, it makes an incredible elasticity-boosting exfoliator.

How to get rid of stretch marks – Aloe gel

Mix ¼ glass of Aloe (preferably gel) with ½ glass of olive oil or sweet almond oil. Add a teaspoon of vitamin E and a half teaspoon of vitamin A. Apply to skin several times a day, gently massaging areas affected by cellulite and stretch marks.

How to get rid of stretch marks – exercise

We owe supple, smooth, bouncy skin mostly to physical activity so try to do exercise at least three times a week or – if you’re busy – devote 15 minutes daily to light stretching and workouts stimulating skin and body cells. Pilates makes a perfect choice, keeping the body in harmony.

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