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How to Get Longer Lashes Naturally? Try 3 Trusted Methods

Many girls dream of long and thick lashes, but they often need to put a lot of effort to get the look. Don’t worry, though. With our three simple remedies you’ll make your eyelashes twice as long, thick and strong very fast. It turns out it’s possible without fake extensions.

To get the best results, you should follow each of our tips. Your lashes will get better after around a week and they’ll grow longer gradually. Once you get the desired effects, it’s good to carry on with the treatments to maintain the length and thickness.

How to get longer lashes naturally?

1st way to get longer lashes: castor oil

Castor oil is a great remedy for short lashes and it was appreciated a long time ago. It is still a red-hot lash enhancer! Many girls choose it instead of professional serums because it’s cheap, widely available and effective. It makes lashes stronger, less prone to thinning, darker and longer. It can be used even every day, ideally at bedtime. Use a mascara wand or Q-tip.

2nd way to get longer lashes: eyelash serum & supplements

If castor oil fails, then professional eyelash serums make a superb alternative. We recommend Nanolash and Xlash. They are based on amazing ingredients and thus are gentle even if your eyes are super sensitive. Nanolash promises to make our lashes stronger within a few days, and 50% longer after 30 days. Effects of such professional products appear quickly and are long-term.

Biotin supplements are worthwhile too. Biotin strengthens our hair and stimulates its growth. It enhances the eyelashes but also brows and nails. You’ll see the improvement after around a month but they’re worth waiting for!

3rd way to get longer lashes: gentleness

Eyelashes and skin around the eyes are very delicate. That’s why we need to be careful: never rub the eyes while removing make-up! Instead, gently press a cotton pad soaked in micellar water to the eyelid and let the product do its job. This way you don’t cause any physical damage to your lashes. We also advise you to do it thoroughly because mascara residue may cause eye irritations and lash breakage when left for the whole night.

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