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Makeup after a sleepless night – get the stunning look in every situation

Summertime festivals and hot, long nights are conducive to unforgettable moments, but unfortunately not entirely conducive to our complexion. Each sleepless night is reflected on our face. Probably every woman knows it from their own experience: puffiness and dark under-eye circles, and often red eyes, swollen and dry lips, tired and gray complexion … how to hide the dullness and tiredness on our face the next day? It turns out that good makeup can work wonders. How to do it properly?

beauty.jpgMakeup after a sleepless night – how to conceal tiredness on your face?

First of all, precision in makeup – do it carefully and do not lean towards unknown tricks and tips that you have never done before. Instead of masking fatigue – you can even get it out more or make your face look unnatural and comic. If you want to look good, focus on minimalism and stick to what you know.

Secondly, prep the skin – after a sleepless night the face has slightly higher requirements. It is worth devoting a moment to nourish it a bit more than usually. Such a face-enhancing treatment will be provided by not only face creams or makeup primer, but also a clever trick that is used today by models and makeup artists: massage your face gently … with frozen ice cubes. You can wrap them in a linen or muslin cloth. Such a cold massage will work on the skin like a facelift, it will revive it, improve blood circulation and make the skin healthy-looking. Ice is invaluable in skin care and if you have the opportunity – you can do the ice cube treatment regardless of whether you are after a sleepless night or not.

For bloodshot eyes, the best remedy is to apply special eye drops that shrink the blood vessels, and the feeling of “sand under the eyelids” will disappear thanks to the so-called artificial tears. You can carry it with you constantly and when you feel uncomfortable – apply a drop in each eye.

Thirdly, colors – for the skin tired after a sleepless night, bright makeup colors (shades of nude or delicate pastels) are ideal. Dark, vivid colors can, unfortunately, bring out tiredness on the face and highlight the dark circles under the eyes. Avoid purple, shades of gray and graphite, strong and dark browns or shades falling into orange. On that day, give up on smoky-eye makeup and a strong, dark eyeliner. As for eye makeup, use delicate shades of nude, beige, vanilla or subtle pastels (delicate pink, very delicate blue, pearl). Highlight the inner corners of the eyes with pearl eyeshadow to give the look a hint of freshness. You can also highlight the bottom line of eyelashes with a white or nude pencil – it will visually enlarge the eye and make the look fresh and rested.

Do not apply a heavy foundation on your face, because the complexion will quickly “get tired” with a thick layer of make-up. Go for a light BB cream that aimed at concealing and gently brightening. To harmonize the color of the skin, apply a well-chosen makeup primer – the skin will regain a healthy, radiant look in just split seconds. Coat the eyelashes with a good-quality mascara that will precisely separate and style them (avoid mascaras that give the effect of the so-called “dramatic look” – for the day after the party and a sleepless night strongly emphasized lashes can bring out the face fatigue).

Fourth, strobing – that is, highlighting the face with makeup. Strobing resembles face contouring, which, however, does not use traditional several shades of brown mattifying cosmetics. Instead, you are to use luminous, light-reflecting palettes. They give a “wet look” effect on the face, making the skin look more rested, fresh and young. Bright reflections help to mask fatigue and divert attention from the gray skin and dark circles under the eyes. If you do not have a strobe palette – you can successfully use eye shadows in various shades of nude (light vanilla and beige colors). Satin shades with a delicate gloss effect will be perfect. Avoid strongly sparkling, metallic or brocade shadows, because they will give an unnatural and too strong (caricature) effect.

When doing your makeup after a sleepless night, remember to use a minimal amount of cosmetics – use natural lip gloss on your lips, or reach for a colorless lipstick that will nurture your lips.

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