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Nutrients for the teeth – what to eat to have healthy and beautiful smile?

Dietitians and food experts have a point when saying that you are what you eat. It is well-known fact that coffee, tea, sweets and cigarettes have a bad impact on the teeth leading to them becoming bad real quick but also that these become yellow and discoloured on the surface.

Luckily, there is a group of foods that are an opposition for the teeth damaging substances, such able to take care of your beautiful and healthy smile.

Statistics sound the alarm

It is significantly important that — in spite of expanding knowledge on the care of the entire face — we think the least about the teeth. Beside the face cream, you use a serum, while next to the mascara you often choose an eyelash serum. In the meantime, the teeth are brutally treated with all the sweet soda drinks and snacks, coffee and tea. Smoking cigarettes do not help either. As it turns out, brushing teeth takes us approximately a minute. What can you do to support your teeth?

Teeth diet — what to eat so that teeth were white and healthy?

Teeth love fruits and vegetables. These are sort of natural cleansing foods. The most whitening impact while taking care of the enamel have radish, carrot, apple, nuts and citruses (lemon, orange, grapefruit, pomelo). Replace white bread with the dark or wholemeal bread. Not many people know that coconut oil is excellent in the matter of teeth whitening. It is enough to suck on it for 15 minutes per day. The coconut oil also disinfects and eliminates bacteria and germs proliferation.

Teeth bonus — what else can lend you its support?

If there is no way you can brush your teeth and you have no mouthwash at hand — at the very least try washing it with some water and chew some gum (sugar-free). Extend the time you devote for brushing the teeth (3 minutes is the absolute least) and choose your toothbrush carefully and replace it every four months — this way you will provide teeth and gums with proper hygiene. You should also remember to include the tongue in the brushing routine — plenty of bacteria deposit there.

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