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10 things you must know before having professional beauty treatment carried out

Aesthetic medicine treatment we want to undergo is our conscious choice. We decide to have it carried out, we pay for the service, we choose the right beauty parlour and the most appropriate specialist (at least in our opinion) that will take care of us. However, we often forget what is hidden behind the word ‘treatment’. Also, we don’t even realize the requirements that we should comply with in order to make the treatment successful. What should we do to get the best results possible?

aesthetic-medicine-treatments.jpgDecalogue for people receiving aesthetic medicine treatments…

… so 10 essential issues you should be aware of before visiting an aesthetic medicine clinic

1. Experience and skills of a person performing the procedure is the most important issue that determines the quality, safety and success of the treatment. Visit only reputable beauty salons with well-qualified staff. Remember, you have the possibility, and even the right, to ask a particular beautician about their experience, trainings and qualifications.

2. Do not ever hide any health problems from a beautician. Also, tell them what medications you take and share with them all your ailments. Moreover, do not hesitate to make inquiries concerning even the seemingly unimportant matters and run all the tests if it is needed.

3. Do not hesitate to express your concerns and expectations, ask the specialist to present you a few alternatives for the treatment as well as ask about their detailed description. Also, you can ask for the long-term procedure schedule – the one matching your needs in particular.

4. Ask about the exact cost of the treatment. Also, find out the way you should treat your body after the procedure/each session. Make sure that you receive a receipt and realize that the quality of a treatment shouldn’t depend on special offers or treatments performed occasionally but the qualified personnel and quality of devices/tools used.

5. Be aware of the consequences of signing all the documents connected with the procedure, read the content before you put your name under the Consent for Treatment. Bear in mind that each aesthetic medicine clinic might have its own version of the document.

6. Ask for the detailed description of a procedure, learn the side effects it can trigger. Also, you can ask to see the certificates of devices the procedure is going to be performed with.

7. Not only certificates prove that a particular salon is worth-visiting. Find out how a certain aesthetic medicine clinic looks like inside. Is it neat and clean enough? Are you satisfied with the hygiene standards a particular place offer? If you are not satisfied – resign from using the services the salon performs and look for another clinic. Do never agree to have a procedure carried out in a room that is not adjusted to the purpose.

8. Bear in mind that you have to wait to observe the effects that many treatments are supposed to bring out. Do not discontinue the procedures that require a few regular visits and follow all the post-treatment recommendations.

9. Make sure that you can easily reach a doctor if you happen to have any doubts after the treatment. It’s especially crucial if your body develops side effects or when you notice some adverse reactions that shouldn’t be triggered.

10. Do never have a few procedures done at the same time, especially performed by various professionals, and do not hide this information from the specialists. Remember that you can ask to obtain medical report concerning the therapy you received.

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