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Best Beauty Products from Bourjois

How did Bourjois come to life? It all happened in 1963 when Alexandre Bourjois invented the world’s first powder blush. Since then this beauty company is known for its little pot blush. It was first designed for theatre actors who were putting a thick layer of greasy makeup, which did not look, good or flattering. Nowadays, over 150 years later, the Bourjois little pot is still the best blush ever invented.

In 2014, Bourjois is leading in best lip-glosses and blushes. What other, great product have been released just recently?

The Effet 3D lip-gloss moisturizes and hydrates lips for as long as 8 hrs. It is a gloss and a lip balm hybrid. The formula is rich in anti-oxidants; vitamin E and C (smoothen, lighten, and have anti- aging properties). The producer says that the gloss contains a small amount of wax that makes lips appear fuller shiner. If you cannot decide on one favourite colour, you would be happy to know that there are as many as 18 different shades of this amazing product. You can pick anything from deep red, orange to baby pink shade. Thanks to the small, pointy brush, the application has never been so easy. Once you try the Effect 3D on your lips, you will never go back to your old lip-gloss.

Another product worth recommending is 123 Perfect foundation. Its main task is to hide all skin imperfections. Many beauty Companies have tried to create a perfect foundation that will even the skin colour. Despite their attempts, nothing has been as effective as 123 Perfect Foundation from Bourjois. This French company combined three pigments together to create the ultimate flawless skin Holy Grail. The yellow pigment covers all grey skin discolorations such as dark under eye circles; light violet brightens the skin and green shade, which covers all red spots. If you use the 123 Perfect, you do not need to wear a sun cream as this foundation has 10 SPF that can protect you from harmful sun rays. The finish is matte and it stays in place for more than 7 hrs.

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