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Best Tips for Long & Full-Looking Lashes

Every woman wants her eyelashes to look gorgeous. Is it possible to turn brittle and short lashes into fuller-looking ones without the help of a professional? Sure! Keep reading to learn the best lash care tips we have prepared for you.

Eyelashes age the same way the hair growing on the scalp does. The older you get, your lashes get less resistant to damage. Application of mascara, use of a lash curler, makeup removal and false extension treatment don’t have a positive effect on lashes either.

Best tip for long and full-looking lashes

First, get yourself a castor oil or lash serum. These two are considered the best for helping the hair grow thicker and longer.

FIRST OPTION Castor oil works for those who love all-natural solutions. When applied regularly for a few weeks, this plant oil nourishes, moisturizes and stimulates growth. The cool thing about this oil, it intensifies the natural color of hair, no matter if applied to lashes, brows or strands. And when the hair is darker, it appears to be more noticeable.

SECOND OPTION If you don’t have too much time to wait for the effects delivered by castor oil, you may consider choosing an eyelash serum. The cosmetic market is full of such products, which doesn’t mean it makes the choice easier. If you don’t have your fave eyelash serum yet, or if you’re not sure whether the one you currently use is right for you, check out the following list of ingredients. Only top-notch lash serums are formulated with at least one of the following:

  • hyaluronic acid maintains hydration and promotes elastic lashes
  • biotin and vitamin B12 prevent lashes from falling out, thus making them look thicker
  • panthenol (pro vitamin B5) reverses damage and makes lashes resistant to stressors
  • plant extracts fight off free radicals, moisturize and nourish
  • glycoproteins stimulate the follicles to grow longer and stronger lashes

FUN FACT: Your upper eyelid grows approximately 150-200 lash hairs, whereas your lower eyelid grows more or less 50-150 single lash hairs. It’s perfectly normal to lose 2 or 3 eyelashes a day. However, if you notice your lashes fall out uncontrollably, seek medical advice.

3 simple steps to gorgeous eyelashes

Once you find the best lash serum for yourself, you need to use it regularly, every day. You also need to be gentle to your lashes to prevent damage and breakage. Here is what you should bear in mind:

  1. Use the chosen lash serum every day for at least 3 months. Make sure the eye skin is clean and dry. You can do it either at bedtime or in the morning, but always let the serum penetrate fully before applying another product.
  2. Taking make-up off too vigorously makes lashes weaker and damaged. If you fail to remove the mascara coating fully, you may end up with irritations and contribute to lash loss. That being said, be gentle while removing mascara.
  3. The eyelash curler helps you define the lashes, yet it also makes them weaker. Never use this tool on mascara coats because you will end up with no lashes. Use the curler wisely.
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