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Flawless Skin Without Makeup? How to Achieve This Beauty Goal?

Everyone knows a person – a colleague or a friend – that can’t imagine leaving home without putting some makeup on. We also know a person who doesn’t mind doing shopping or taking a dog for a walk without wearing makeup. Truth be told, the latter group is a minority. Why do we need to apply mascara and foundation to feel confident?

It appears that most ladies aren’t satisfied with the state of their skin. Blemishes, imperfections, breakouts… all of them need to be camouflaged. Luckily, drugstores and pharmacies offer a wide range of skincare products that combat and erase all the nasty post-acne marks and pigmentation spots from the face. Among so many cosmetics, which ones are worth your money?

Tips for getting a flawless complexion

To deal with imperfections, skin needs to be exposed to deeply repairing treatments. Adding some acid-based skincare products to a daily beauty routine is yet another good idea. Advanced in-salon acid skin treatments deliver amazing results, but for a few days after the procedure, skin may be hypersensitive. In other words, it must be given time to recover from the treatment and reveal new bright skin. The products used for home treatments are mild, therefore the effects produced are less impressive. However, with a bit of patience and persistence, you can achieve the same results without spending money on the costly salon treatments.

Flawless skin without makeup? Exfoliation

Imperfections, enlarged pores, blackheads… acids deal with all sorts of blemishes. These substances stimulate skin to shed the dead cells faster and produce new tissue. Acids added to regular care products exfoliate skin in a controlled manner. Where can you find these miraculous ingredients? Mostly in face toners and creams.


This cosmetic is able to exfoliate dead skin and increase moisture levels in tissues. Such a product need to be applied at bedtime and requires to use a SPF cream in the morning. The acids that are proven the best for fighting blackheads and discoloration are salicylic acid, pyruvic acid and azelaic acid. They promote even-toned complexion, deliver water and increase elasticity in skin.


This one has to be applied at bedtime, and followed by a moisturizer. The effects it delivers are strong, that’s why skin may appear red after the first few applications. The common acids used in face toners are:

  • AHA, BHA and PHA acid – perfect for oily and problematic skin. They balance oil secretion and stop acne from showing up on the face.
  • glycolic acid – this one promotes brighter and acne-free skin. It’s also known for its deeply moisturizing effect.
  • amino acids – they are used as anti-ageing agents. They leave skin radiant and erase discoloration.

No matter the acid skincare product you use, it’s very important to apply it in the evening. Even though some acids may cause mild irritation, don’t worry because this adverse reaction of the skin will wear off after a few days. The best results of acid skin treatments are achieved after more or less two weeks.

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