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Big Eyes from Maybelline

Hi Girls,
You know that I am crazy about long, curly lashes. I love when mine give me an illusion of being fake. That’s why I was faithful to my ‘Colossal Volume Express’. When I found this mascara, I just stopped looking elsewhere. Many of you said that Maybelline has another great product in its offer namely ‘Big Eyes’.

Since I haven’t experimented with my eye make-up for some time, I reluctantly decided to give it a try.
The first impression of the package is very positive. The mascara is dual-ended. It has a bigger brush to curl upper lashes and at the other end, we have a min-brush designed for small and fine lower lashes.

The consistency is quite thick and it dries very quickly. It says on the package not to wait too long before applying the second coat so that you get the great thickening effect. I really enjoyed using the small brush. For the first time I haven’t smeared my under eye area when covering lower lashes. One coat of the product is not enough if you would like to get the dramatic look. You need to be careful though as the mascara clumps a bit with the second and third coat.

Last Wednesday was wearing the Big Eyes mascara for over 10 hrs. and it did not flake and my lashes still looked great. I used my baby oil to remove it, and it wipes off easily so I think that any make-up cleanser can deal with it effectively. What I also like about this product is that despite wearing 3 coats of it, it still felt weightless.

I am positively surprised with Maybelline Big Eyes and I am planning to do more mascara tests now. I am glad that I have an alternative to my all-time favourite Colossal Volume Express.

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